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   Chapter 504 Everyone Likes To Gossip About Celebrities.

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A month and a half was neither too long, nor too short. It was now much better than not knowing when Lord Nalan would ever wake up.

A month and a half was definitely worth the wait.

Linda nodded and said thanks to Anna. To find a doctor who specialized in this field, Anna exploited her connections. She even asked a lot of her former teachers and schoolmates in her college in America. She went through all this effort, just to save Lord Nalan.

When Linda's face was disfigured before, it was Anna who found a professional team to restore her original appearance. Linda would have had ugly scars if it weren't for Anna's help. Thinking of this, Linda unconsciously touched her face.

The feeling of the knife on her skin was still vivid in her mind. That freak, Amy, even got a big mirror in front of Linda to let her see how Amy was cutting her over and over again. Linda almost broke down at that time.

Fortuanately, she got through it.

Linda was with Anna at that depressing time. She enlightening Linda, treating her face and her body with the best medical techniques. Anna made sure that Linda did not have to suffer long.

Charles looked at Linda as he noticed Linda's move. His eyes became dim, and he grabbed Linda's hand as he said, "I'm sorry, honey!"

He had been feeling guilty for a long time, unable to get rid of his guilty conscience of not having been able to protect Linda.

If it hadn't been for Lord Nalan who saved Linda, he would have never seen Linda again.

He did not know how he would feel if he had lost Linda. The only thing he knew was that he would definitely kill Lisa because she was involved in the evil scheme.

Lisa had replaced Linda since the day she had disappeared, so no one was able to find out that the real Linda was gone.

"Don't apologize. It was also because of my carelessness. I was too stubborn, and I went to that winter camp despite of your advice

y, but all of that had been shattered when Linda appeared. Every time she met Charles, he was always looking at Linda.

"We can use her, tell her the news, and then let the entertainment reporters know. Surely, the media would ask her opinions about it..."

Entertainment journalists had more influence than traditional journalists. Charles would not be able to handle it by then.

After all, everyone loved to gossip about celebrities.

Rosy stood up and hugged Jessie with her eyes gleaming brightly. She said, "Honey, you are wonderful. I don't know what to do without you!"

"Well, let's hurry. We have to find ways to use the pressure of public opinion to force Linda to hand over your grandfather. We don't know exactly how your grandfather is doing now. We need to make sure that he is dead because the dead can never speak. If he survives, it will be difficult for us to kill him again."

As soon as Jessie finished her words, Rosy's room was pushed open.

Rosy became frightened. Following her gaze, Jessie turned around to the door immediately.

It was Lenny.

The expression on his face looked like he had seen a ghost.

He walked straight to Rosy, and he suddenly slapped her on the face.

Thinking that it was not enough, he gave her another slap.

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