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   Chapter 502 You Haven't Been Beaten Up for A Long While!

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7298

Updated: 2018-12-28 00:12

Rosy had a bad feeling about it, so she looked at the mansion in front of herwith curiosity. 'I smell something fishy, ' she thought to herself. Why would Linda Xia let them in so easily? They came here to ask for Lord Nalan back, so

Linda Xia's leniency had to mean that she was plotting against them. Therefore, Rosy Nalan smiled, saying, "What do you plan to do to us? I won't play by your rules. Ask Linda Xia to come here and meet us."

Bun glimpsed at Rosy Nalan with disdain, and then she said, "Who do you think you are? It's the Mu clan's villa. Since you want to visit our Lady Linda, she has agreed to see you. But you're trying to order Her Ladyship around? How stupid... "

"You are only a servant here. How dare you shout at me?" At that moment, Rosy Nalan became irritated by Bun. She was eager to come up and slap Bun in the face, but she was stopped by Jessie Luo, her best friend. She calmed Rosy down and then cried aloud, "Why is Linda Xia afraid to see us here? Is it because she has a guilty conscience?"

"How can Her Ladyship have a guilty conscience? Rosy Nalan, do I hve to remind you of what have you have done? God is watching everything you do. Do you think you can get away with it?"

"What have I done? Everyone knows that Linda Xia pushed grandfather into the pond. And now, she doesn't want to come out and see us. I am warning you. It won't be long before the whole city finds out that Linda Xia had pushed her own grandfather into the pond. Just wait and see her bring trouble and shame upon herself!"

"I guess you haven't been beaten up for a long while! You really do need a solid punch in you face. Whatever. Come in with me, or stay where you are. Take your pick quickly!"

Bun asked a servant to close the door the moment she finished her words. The Mu's villa was heavily guarded. Rosy Nalan could not break in easily even if she wanted to. Besides, breaking into a private house was a crime with serious consequences.

Bun guessed that Rosy Nalan had no such courage to break in by force. Besides, Bun was not a girl to be trifled with.

Linda Xia stayed in the living room. She knew that Rosy Nalan would not come in with her

is it? Will she come in or not?"

Linda Xia guessed that they were not likely to come in. After all, it was her house. They would not be able to escape if Linda Xia would have them killed. Although homicide was a crime, Linda could still kill them without anyone finding out.

But luckily, Linda Xia was not such a person. Life was precious. How could she show little regard for other people's lives? Even if Linda Xia really hated Rosy Nalan, she would let Rosy Nalan get the punishment she deserved in accordance with law.

Bun answered Linda with a smile on her face, "My Lady, I don't know what they are thinking of either. When I asked them to come in, they refused. Perhaps, they were afraid of the trap we set for them. And later, Rosy wanted to go in, but Jessie stopped her at once, and now they all left. Also, I saw that Jessie Luo was whispering to Rosy Nalan for a while. After Rosy heard Jessie's words, there was a strange look on her face."

"How strange?"

"I can't make it out. But it looks like she was thrilled by Jessie's words, " Bun replied.

"Maybe Jessie had come up with another dumb idea. Just leave them alone and mind our own business."

The sun was shining bright today, so Linda wanted to bask in the sun or water the flowers in the yard. But soon, Bun ran over to Linda Xia in a hurry, shouting, "My Lady! My Lady! Something terrible happened! There's a group of reporters gathering up in front of our gate."

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