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   Chapter 501 Trouble Maker

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Anna did, indeed, have a point with what she said, but it was too narrow-minded of her to judge that all of the men in the world were bad based on what she had experienced. Linda smiled and persuaded Anna, "Whatever happened, it was an isolated case that your parents had gone through. It has nothing to do with you, does it? If you don't open your heart and give it a try, how could you see that there are good men in the world?"

Anna smiled and said, "My Lady, let me tell you one more thing."


Linda turned her body and changed to another comfortable posture while she was attentively listening to Anna's story. Anna gently swung the fan in her hand, letting the cool air blow toward Linda.

"One summer vacation, during my university years in America, I chose to come back to our country and work as an intern in a hospital. Then, one day, I had a patient who was a very young girl. She was three months pregnant. She had been crying ever since she got to the hospital, so I asked her what had happened. Then, she said that she had a boyfriend with whom she had been together for three years, but her boyfriend didn't want to marry her. The girl thought that if she would have his baby, they would be able to get married..."

"Then, what happened? Did the man run away after he found out that the girl was pregnant?" Linda cut in to ask.

"Yes. The girl came to the hospital alone. She looked so pitiful at that time. Don't you think that it was sad that she came across a bad man? Shouldn't the man marry her and take good care of her since she was pregnant?" asked Anna.

"I think the man might have already fallen out of love with the girl long before she had gotten pregnant. They must have been using contraceptives each time they slept together. But, I suppose, the girl must have figured out a way to get pregnant with his baby. The man had never wanted a baby with her. Am I right?" said Linda.

"Yes, I had asked her about it. She said that they weren't planning on having a baby at the start of their relationship, but later on, the girl wanted to have a baby with him, yet the man didn't agree. So, the girl covertly pricked holes in the condoms..."

"If that was the case, then it wasn't totally the man's fault. The girl knew what she had gotten herself into. Since the man was clear about not wanting to

thers with them at the gate."

"My Lady, what are you going to do?" Bun asked in confusion.

"Didn't we say that we had to get the evidences from Rosy herself? Rosy won't leak out any information if there are other people present. But if she is alone with me, she may be caught off guard and brag her victory to me. I will record her conversation with me. My dragon ring can record audio and video, " explained Linda.

Bun got happy after she heard Linda's words. She thought that Linda was so clever. Immediately, she followed the servant to the gate. Outside the gate, as expected, Bun saw Rosy and Jessie standing there, and behind them, there was a crowd of people, yelling with anger.

Upon seeing Bun, Rosy said with contempt, "What? Linda Xia wouldn't dare face us? Because she's guilty, right? So, she sent you here to drive us away, right?"

Bun rolled her eyes at Rosy and said to her, "Come with me. Lady Linda is inviting you in."

Rosy was surprised by Bun's words. She wondered what Linda was going to do.

Why was Linda letting her in?

Was it a trap?

Rosy glanced at Bun in confusion. She refused and said, "Let Linda come out herself! Give grandfather back to us! Why did she take grandfather away? Did she want to see, with her own eyes, grandfather drawing his last breath?"

"Are you coming in or not?" Bun asked impatiently.

She thought that Rosy was so troublesome. It was she who demanded to go in, but now she refused to do so. What the hell did she want? Rosy was so childish. She was a 100 percent trouble maker.

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