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   Chapter 500 The Scum With Different Sluts

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7018

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Linda could not understand what Anna meant at all.

What did it have to do with Anna thinking that every man in the world was a scum?

Although Anna's parents died in a car accident, it was a tragedy that could not be remedied. Fortunately, Anna, then, met her benefactor, Lord Mu, who had helped her.

Lord Mu had turned around Anna's life.

"Do you know how I became an orphan? My Lady, do you understand the desperation and pain of a twelve-year-old girl losing her parents..."

It was true that Linda could not understand the pain that Anna had suffered...

Although Linda had not personally experienced the feeling of losing her parents through death, she had never seen her foster father since she was nine.

Donna, Linda's foster mother, had married a man after she left the Xia Family. She thought that she had married the right guy, but only a few years later, the man gradually revealed his true nature.

Sherry was a gentle and kind person, and she always treated the people around her very well. With the money she had saved for years, Donna left the Xia clan and lived a abundant life. In the first two years of her marriage with Linda's foster father, the man spent her money freely and even started thinking about giving a small business a try with the money.

Donna thought that her husband was reliable, so she gave all of her savings to that man whom she thought would make their lives better.

The man's business became really successful, but unfortunately he changed as soon as he had gotten rich...

When Linda's sister Cindy was three months old, Linda's foster father's business was booming. He always had meetings in the company, so

He usually did not go home for weeks.

Linda remembered that Donna had once made a lot of Tangyuan at home on the day of the Lantern Festival, but the man did not come home even though Donna had waited for him until late in the night.

So, Donna had decided to take the Tangyuan to the man's office herself despite of the heavy rain outside.

When Donna had arrived at the company with a smile on her face, thinking t

someone was telling her something.

Anna nodded.

"Do you know why they had a car accident? It was because my father had cheated on my mother. They were having an argument while they were in the car. Both of them were so angry with each other that they didn't realize that the car had turned to the wrong direction, crossing a double yellow line and hitting a car from the opposite lane. The two of them had died even before they arrived at the hospital."

Linda fell silent. It was true that a large number of men were scums, but there were also some good men. She hoped that Charles would always accompany her and never cheat on her.

Infidelity was something that Linda would never tolerate in a relationship. If Charles would cheat on her, Linda would leave him without any hesitation.

"But, My Lady, actually... I've thought about it countless of times... How it's like to fall in love with someone. I've tried to see how it feels like to be with someone whom I don't love, because if I'm not emotionally attached then I won't feel any pain. But I found I could not do that."

Linda nodded and said, "Yes, if you really don't love each other, even you are together, it would not have any meaning. If you force yourself to be with a man you don't love, you will only feel sick."

Anna sighed, "All men are just scums with different sluts. Why are there so many scums in the world?"

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