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   Chapter 498 Discuss the Situation

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Another important reason why Lord Nalan had so much bias towards Linda was because of her biological mother, Sherry Nalan.

Sherry was Lord Nalan's one and only beloved daughter. When Sherry was alive many years ago, Lord Nalan had spoiled her very much. However, unexpectedly, she died at an early age, in her late twenties. Her death had brought great sorrow to Lord Nalan. It took him many years to accept the fact that his beloved daughter had died.

And because of Sherry's death, Lord Nalan refused to contact with anyone from the Xia clan.

His anger and resentment toward Johnson Xia had reached its peak when Johnson married May Shen after Sherry died.

But that was already in the past.

Luckily, because of Linda's efforts, Lord Nalan had already forgiven Johnson. And Johnson himself also had repented and had realized what he did wrong.

Johnson had fallen into May's trap at that time, thus causing so many twists and difficulties in Linda's life, which gradually led to what was happening in the present.

In fact, back then, Lord Nalan was not the only one who was heartbroken. Johnson had also suffered a lot of pains from the death of Sherry.

May was only able to get married to Johnson because she claimed that she was pregnant with Johnson's baby, Lisa.

Ever since Lisa's birth, Johnson had spoiled her so much and had given her the best in every aspect. He was very protective toward Lisa. Much to his shock, Lisa turned out to be another man's daughter.

He was distressed to find out that May had been unfaithful to him from the very beginning. He was just a big fool who had been wrapped around May's finger. Therefore, Johnson resented Lisa very much since then.

Each time Linda mentioned Lisa in front of Johnson, there was resentment and fury in his eyes. As Linda was recalling the memory, a handsome voice suddenly came and interrupted her thoughts.

"We have to give this matter further thought and develop a better strategy. Seemingly, it was Rosy Nalan who had deliberately framed you, but we don't have any solid evidence against her. Although you've been released from the police station, I believe that she won't let you off easily, "

Charles told Linda slowly as he lowered his head, wearing a stern face.

"Yes, I agree. I think that Rosy must have plotted it well. Last night, as soon as Lady Linda and I got to the Plum Garden, someone pushed Lord Nalan to the pond at once. That person must have been hired by Rosy. She deliberately did it to frame Lady Linda, " said Bun.

Hearing Bun's words, Linda started to recall the scenes from last ni

on't blame yourself. Even if you hadn't shown up, there would still be many covert fights among the Nalan clan's family members. There would still be someone who would hurt grandfather in order to scramble for the properties. You are not the only reason. Understand?"

"Yes, I know, " Linda nodded.

They kept discussing and analyzing the whole matter and brought to light more questions than answers. They still couldn't find out ways to prove that Rosy Nalan was the one who had plotted this incident.

Linda was sure that Rosy was the one who had committed the crime. She still remembered Rosy's sarcastic smile to her last night when her grandfather was saved from the pond. But unfortunately for Linda, there was no one else who had witnessed it. Nobody else had seen Rosy's evil smile as if she was saying that she had won the game.

Obviously, Rosy was provoking her at that moment.

Linda thought that Rosy was still too impulsive, unable to control her emotions. Rosy was so stupid to have shown her emotions on her face, giving a hint to Linda. Now that she knew who the murderer was, Linda would surely try every possible means to find evidences.

What had been done at night would appear during the day. Nobody would be able to get away from his or her crimes.

There had to be some way to make the truth come out.

"But what should we do next? How can we let Lady Linda suffer this injustice? It's difficult for us to clear her name now!"

Bun said worriedly. She was on the verge of tears as they hadn't found out a solution after so much discussion.

Bun was already in a bad mood because Brian was on a dangerous mission. And now Linda had come across such a great trouble. Bun felt even more distressed.

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