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   Chapter 497 Little Chance Of Waking Up

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"We are not sure. But his chances of waking up are very small..."

These words rumbled in Linda Xia's head like a thunder. Linda suddenly thought of the act that Rosy Nalan had put on in the plum garden earlier. She was very angry at her right now.

"Tell me honestly. What is the possibility of my grandfather's recovery?" Linda took a deep breath to calm herself down in case she would lose her temper.

Anna replied, "Generally speaking, people who recover from vegetative states are quite rare. Despite this, some of the functions of the patient's brain can still work well, so this means that they can still acquire information from the outside world. In short, those patients are likely to recover because they are in a state of minimal consciousness. We found out that some parts of His Lordship's brain can still function well. We think that, with good care, there is about a 10% chance for him to wake up. But it's a pity that we cannot be sure of when he would be able to. Maybe half a year, a whole year, or even a decade... We even have to welcome the idea that he might never wake up at all."

Anna paused for a while and added, "Nothing's for sure. If everything goes well, His Lordship may wake up in just a few months."

"As long as there is a ray of hope, I will not give up on him." After hearing the words from Anna's mouth, Linda felt a little relieved. At least, her grandfather still had a chance to wake up.

"Okay, we have to go back. It's almost three o'clock in the morning. You also need to rest. You'd better go for a break first, so you'll be rested in case there's anything for you to deal with."

Since Lord Nalan had had a surgery and Linda had heard what she needed to hear, she thought that there was no need for her to stay here any longer.

A pregnant woman was not of any use here anyway.

"Yes, My Lady. Let's go back. It's three o'clock in the morning. His Lordship has been sent to the intensive care unit. And there are professional nurses to take care of him. Nothing else will happen. I can guarantee that His Lordship will be well taken care of."

Linda nodded her head. She understood that she couldn't do anything at the moment but go back and rest, so she went home with Charles.

Bun, Anna, and Paul went with them, too.

As soon as Linda Xia arrived home, she went straight to bed.

She had been trying to hold back her tears and anxiety when Lord Nalan was in the operating room, so now, she was feeling quite exhausted and only wanted to sleep. She wished she could receive good n

randfather away."

"My Lady, you can set your mind at rest. This morning, when the Nalan clan came to the hospital, the Mu Security Team had driven them away, " Paul comforted Linda Xia.

After hearing this, Linda Xia felt a little relieved.

After lunch, Linda wanted to compose her thoughts. A lot of things had happened within one day, so she was overwhelmed and unable to collect her thoughts in time.

"Let's go to the study, " she told Charles Mu.

When they sat down on the sofa, Linda Xia began to talk continuously, "Yesterday, I went to have meals with my grandfather as usual. I felt very strange when we were dining because Rosy Nalan was taking the initiative to have a chat with me. You know, Rosy Nalan never talks to me with a friendly attitude. But she did so yesterday. Damn it! She had only wanted me to fall into her trap. And she even played with my grandfather's life!"

"Yes, Rosy Nalan has gone too far!" Charles echoed Linda.

"It seems like they have planned this for a long time. But honestly speaking, I think it was because Lord Nalan regards you as his favorite. That was why they planned this incident to frame you, " Charles Mu said in a low voice.

Linda Xia shrugged her shoulders with helplessness. What could she do to stop Lord Nalan from being fond of her? Even if she could help it, why would she?

There had to be reasons that could explain why Lord Nalan did not like Rosy Nalan. Maybe Rosy Nalan was too snobbish. She only flattered her grandfather for the sake of succeeding the properties of the Nalan clan. Lord Nalan had seen much of life. He could easily make out those who approached him selfishly and those who treated him sincerely.

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