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   Chapter 496 Will He Wake Up Someday

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Bun stayed aside and planned to get in the car after Linda and Charles were done making out with each other. However, Charles started the car after they had gotten in, which made Bun speechless.

She wondered whether Linda and Charles had forgotten that she was also in the police station. How could that be? She went there with Linda.

Bun immediately ran outside, waved her hands, and shouted, "Young Master, My Lady, I haven't gotten in the car, yet. Don't you intend to take me with you?"

Sitting inside the car, Linda didn't know how to reply to Charles's reproach. But when she heard Bun, she couldn't help but laugh. She had indeed forgotten that Bun went there with her!

Charles was also stunned for a second. He was too worried about Linda, only thinking about her safety, so he also forgot Bun.

He felt really guilty about it.

Bun trotted toward the car and then got in it. Linda felt relieved because she didn't have to answer Charles now. She believed that Charles might not blame her anymore as Bun was also inside the car. He would not put her in an awkward position in front of others!

As soon as she had settled down in the backseat, Bun smiled and said, "Young Master, you're finally here. I always believed that you would surely come over to rescue Lady Linda."

"Bun, tell me what happened. I have asked you to protect Linda, but why did you let her get taken to the police station?"

Bun looked guilty upon hearing Charles.

"Young Master, I'm sorry. I failed to protect Lady Linda this time."

"Don't blame Bun. I agreed to go to the police station with them earlier. If Bun managed to stop them from taking me away, they might believe that I was guilty and that I wanted to escape after doing the evil deed. Besides, I went to the police station just to give a statement to police, "

Explained Linda.

This matter had nothing to do with Bun. She had tried her best to protect Linda, and if Linda agreed to leave with her, Bun would be able to take Linda away from the Nalan clan's house under that circumstance.

But if Linda would leave just like that, the others would find Linda guilty, too. By then, Rosy and the othe

to die like that.

She wasn't afraid of those rumors spreading outside and didn't fear that the Nalan clan members would take any action to harm her. She only hoped that Lord Nalan would be safe and well.

At last, the light of the operating room was turned off at 3:00 AM.

Linda immediately stood up and the operating room's door opened. Anna took off her gauze mask and gloves, looking very tired. She was utterly worn out after the four-hour surgery.

"What's the situation, Anna? How's my grandfather?" asked Linda while taking Anna's hand.

Anna looked at Linda with a sad and somehow guilty expression in her eyes. She then replied, "My Lady, I'm sorry. I wasn't able to revive him..."

Linda was heartbroken upon hearing Anna.

'He is dead?

He hasn't been rescued successfully?' she thought.

"Your grandfather remains unconscious. He hit the backside of his head against something hard, so the blood vessels were destroyed. He is in a vegetative state now. I have tried my best..." Anna felt very sorry for him.

She was nearly killed by the bomb under her car before. It was Lord Nalan who saved her at that time, so she was grateful to him for saving her life. Now, Lord Nalan was in a coma, but she, as a doctor, was unable to save him...

Anna felt very sorry at the thought of this.

"What do you mean by 'in a vegetative state'? Will my grandfather wake up someday?" asked Linda, with the last ray of hope.

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