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   Chapter 495 Giving A Statement to the Police

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After waiting at the police station's entrance for a little while, Charles went inside.

The policemen at the police station apparently received a phone call from their superior and learned that Charles would come there. When a police saw Charles, he respectfully walked up to Charles and greeted, "Young Master Mu, please wait a moment."

At this moment, Linda was still giving a statement to the police in the interrogation room.

"You have the right to keep silent, but every word you say will be regarded as the evidence. Please answer each question honestly."

"Sir, you have said these words many times, and I have also answered your questions a lot of times."

Linda was annoyed by the conversation which gave her a headache. After they were taken into the police station, Bun was separated from Linda.

"Why were you at the plum garden? Did you push your grandfather into the water?"

Linda shook her head and said, "Sir, I have told you a thousand times. I went there because someone told me that my grandfather was waiting for me to go there and play Go chess with him. I get on well with him, so do you think I would do such a cruel thing to him?"

The young police, who was interrogating Linda, didn't say anything more. His superior told him to give Linda a lesson, so he asked the question over and over again to torture her, but Linda was so smart and had always retorted him.

The young police still couldn't get any useful information from her.

It was normal that he couldn't get any information from Linda because Linda didn't push Lord Nalan into the water. She had told the truth, and what she said was convincing.

In fact, the young police was feeling restless. He had received his superior's instruction to "look after" Linda, so he could not go to sleep tonight and had to interrogate Linda the whole night!

Even though he

oticing that Charles was in a bad mood, Linda also got upset and almost couldn't help her tears back.

She understood Charles's feelings. He had to be very scared. Similar things happened before. Linda was taken away from him almost couldn't go back alive.

"You won't lose me. I will always stay by your side. Don't worry. I didn't push my grandfather into the water, and I haven't done anything wrong, so there's nothing they could do to hurt me."

Charles nodded and released Linda from his arms. Then, they went outside and got in the car. Charles fetched the coat from the backseat and helped Linda put it on.

He was afraid that Linda would catch a cold in such a cold and windy evening.

Linda was deeply touched by his considerate action.

"When I went to the Nalan clan's house to pick you up, they didn't allow me to go inside. They said that you pushed grandfather into the water and was sent to the police station. Why didn't you call me? What if you run into danger?"

Charles uttered these words after the car door had just closed! Linda was stunned by Charles's reproach. He had hugged her affectionately just now and even told her that he was afraid of losing her. But now, he put on a serious face not long after.

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