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   Chapter 494 Brother-in-law, Please Do Me A Favor

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Charles, of course, knew whom the person Paul was referring to because Paul had worked for him for so many years.

But Bun had already gotten married to Brian, and they loved each other very much. There was no chance for Paul to be able to get together with Bun. Moreover, a righteous man such as Paul would, by no means, do anything to destroy another couple's happy marriage.

"Since that person would never belong to you anymore, then why not give up on her and start a new life for yourself?" Charles persuaded Paul.

"Young Master, you know that I've loved her for so many years. I've always regretted that I never had the courage to confess my love to her back then. I thought that she would belong to me forever, " said Paul in a gloom.

"Don't dwell on the past. I thought that you had let go of your love to her. Why are you still dwelling on it? You should move on."

Some time before, Charles had seen that Paul was able to converse with Bun normally, so he thought that Paul had already given up his love on Bun. But it seemed that Paul still loved Bun very much.

"How could I forget about my love to her easily? Young Master, please don't tell Bun about it. I don't want to bother her with it. Since she's already married to Master Brian, I could only wish them well from the bottom of my heart. I hope they will be happy forever, " said Paul.

Charles nodded in agreement. But he somehow felt pity toward Paul. Although Paul was his employee, he had treated Paul as his good friend, or even his bother. He really hoped that Paul could find his own happiness soon.

It was a pity. Before Bun had met Brian, Paul wasn't decisive enough, so he had missed his chance to get together with Bun.

If Paul had confessed his love to Bun without any hesitation, Brian might not have had the chance to get in between them. If that were the case, Brian would've remained the playboy that he used to be and would still have many women around him. If that were the case, Paul would probably be happy now.

However, it had been an established fact that Brian and Bun were a couple now. It was pointless to regret anything. Charles could see that Brian indeed was passionately in love with Bun. Brian was willing to live together with Bun for the rest of his life.

"Young Master, please go to Lady Linda now. Don't keep her waiting for so long, " Paul urged as he lowered his head to carry on dealing with the papers. The contract they were working on was very important, so Paul had to be carefu

r speed, and he kept muttering, "Linda, please, please be safe! Wait for me!"

"If anyone dares hurt you, even just a little bit, I will kill him!"

It took Charles only fifteen minutes to get to the police station which was thirty minutes away. When he arrived at the South Police Station, he saw that lights were still on inside the station. It was over nine o'clock now.

Charles quickly ran to the entrance, but before he went in, he took out his phone and dialed a number.

The call was soon connected.

A friendly voice came from the other side of the line. "Wow, I can't believe it. Young Master Mu is calling me now!"

"Sean Zhang, do me a favor. My wife is at the South Police Station. Ask your men to let her go now!" asked Charles anxiously.

"Isn't your wife the Xia clan's eldest daughter? I remember that she is also the Lady of the Nalan clan. Why is she at the police station? Who is so bold to arrest your wife?" Sean asked with disbelief.

"Stop talking nonsense and just hurry up! Please confirm whether my wife is really inside the station or not. If she is, let them release her now! I am waiting at the entrance, " yelled Charles.

"It's no big deal. But... what did you call me just now? Sean Zhang?" Sean teased.

Charles took a deep breath. He really wasn't in the mood to joke with Sean now.

"Brother-in-law, please do me a favor, " Charles said.

"Okay, no problem! Give me two minutes. I assure you that my sister-in-law will be safe, "

Sean immediately promised upon hearing Charles address him as "brother-in-law". Charles had seldom needed his help, so it was a rare chance for him to have Charles call him this way.

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