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   Chapter 493 I Have Someone In My Heart

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7749

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"Are you telling the truth? Did you really see Linda push your grandfather into the pond with your own eyes?"

Lenny didn't know about Rosy's scheme. In fact, he wasn't even sure what was going on.

"Yes, father. I saw it with my own eyes. Why won't you trust me? I can tell you exactly what happened. Jessie and I had nothing to do after dinner, so we decided to go to the plum garden to look at the fishes in the pond. As soon as we had set foot in the garden, we heard grandfather and Linda arguing over something. Then, we saw Linda pushed him twice before she finally toppled him into the pond."

Linda got furious as she heard what Rosy had said. "I had never pushed grandfather. You're framing me for something I didn't do. You're lying! Rosy Nalan, what are you trying to do? Why are you framing me?"

"I'm not telling any lies. That's what I had seen just now. Linda Xia, you are really evil. You have pushed grandfather into the pond, and you even dare try to deny it even though people have seen what had happened. If it were not for Jessie and me, no one would ever find out what you had done!"

"You're sick!"

"Stop shouting at each other, okay? You two are telling different stories. Now, we have no choice but to wait and see. Let's hope that father will recover soon. Then, he will tell us what had really happened, " said Lenny.

Spite flashed through Rosy's swollen eyes when she heard Lenny's remarks.

She would never let that happen! If he did recover, then what she had done today would all be in vain.

Rosy hadn't expected that Linda would bring someone who was good at kung fu with her. It was the only unexpected aspect of this plan.

Even though Rosy had seen Linda come to the Nalan clan's house with Bun before, it had been a long time since Bun had accompanied Linda. For the last few months, Linda had only brought Anna with her to the Nalan clan's house. Anna was a doctor, so she wasn't capable of jumping into the water to save a drowning old man. If it were not for Bun, Lord Nalan would surely be dead by the time he was pulled out from the pond. Nobody would be able to save his life, not even a doctor. Besides, Linda was eight months pregnant, and it would be easy to have her taken away if she was with Anna. The ideal situation had changed all because of Bun.

ement. Linda didn't want to make things difficult for the policeman.

Charles had intended to pick Linda up after he finished business meetings. Every time Charles would think of Linda, his heart filled with joy.

He couldn't wait to see his beloved wife.

It was almost 7:30 PM.

"Paul, I'll leave things to you. I need to go pick up Linda first, " said Charles.

Paul was organizing the documents. Charles used to check it one more time personally. He was detail-oriented, and he wanted to make sure that everything was done right, but this time he handed it all over to Paul because he missed Linda very much.

"Young Master, I don't think you're focusing on your work anymore. All you are thinking about is Lady Linda. Are you that anxious to see her?"

"Yes, I don't know why. I am missing her very much today." Charles nodded and smiled.

Every time Charles mentioned Linda, a big smile painted on his face. The way Charles treated Linda made Paul feel miserable about himself. He had been single for many years.

"Young Master, please, you don't need to rub you and Lady Linda's love in. I'm a single man. Please be considerate of me, " said Paul with a bitter smile.

"Don't worry, Paul. You are the Vice CEO of the Mu Group, and you are also my father's sworn son. It should not be difficult for you to find someone, " said Charles.

Paul became dazed for a second, and then he said with a sigh, "Young Master, I have some one in my heart, but I could only have her in my heart. I have to keep distance from her..."

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