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   Chapter 492 Trapped!

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 8379

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Everything suddenly dawned on Linda Xia. She had fallen into a trap that was obviously set up by Rosy Nalan. How did she fail to see through her trickery? It was Rosy Nalan who had persuaded her to come here. It was a premeditated plan all along.

But now, Linda Xia had no time to care about Rosy Nalan who was screaming loudly beside her. Her grandfather's life mattered most at this crucial moment. She needed to save him and get him to the hospital as quickly as possible.

"Someone arrest her! Hurry! She pushed my grandfather into the pond." Rosy Nalan called several security staff and servants to the edge of the pond.

In front of them stood the eldest daughter of the Nalan clan. Staring at each other with hesitation, they didn't dare take any actions against her.

Besides, Linda Xia's belly looked so bulged. Obviously, she was expecting. If something would happen to her, they would all bear the consequences.

They also knew that Lord Nalan doted on Linda Xia and her unborn babies, which made them reluctant to arrest her.

"What are you looking at? Arrest her. Quickly! I will take responsibility for all the consequences."

Having heard Rosy Nalan's guarantee, the security staff became brave enough to arrest Linda. At that time, Bun had just dragged Lord Nalan ashore. However, when Bun touched his head, she found that him bleeding.

Then, Bun noticed that Linda had been surrounded by several security staff. She gently laid down His Lordship and strode forward to protect Linda Xia. Bun shouted at them with anger, "Who dares to arrest Lady Linda?"

As expected, some of the staff who were bold enough moved forward to capture Bun and Linda Xia by force. They hadn't heard about Bun, so they thought that she was just a witless, young girl. However, to their surprise, they were kicked away by Bun instantly.

Seeing that their companions had been defeated by Bun, the other security staff surrounding Linda Xia and Bun dared not come any closer. They were all afraid of being hit.

It seemed that Linda Xia didn't care about the security staff getting injured. Her main priority was her grandfather, so she turned to Bun and asked anxiously, "How is my grandfather?"

Bun shook her head with sorrow, "The situation is not so good. His Lordship passed out when he was submerged in the pond. And his head had probably hit the marble by the edge of the pond. His head is bleeding."

At that same time, Jessie Luo also arrived at the scene with a pretentious, worried

ving the Nalan clan's properties. They would never allow Linda Xia to have a piece of the pie.

For Rosy Nalan, Linda Xia was the hardest obstacle to overcome.

"What are you all standing there and watching for? Call an ambulance now!" Rosy Nalan vented her anger on the servants. Although the servants were scolded for no reason, they didn't dare retort Lady Rosy. So, they called an ambulance from the Nalan clan's private hospital which could send Lord Nalan to the hospital in time.

The Nalan clan had its own private hospital, so they would come to Lord Nalan's rescue immediately.

The ambulance arrived in less than ten minutes. Several servants helped the nurses lift Lord Nalan on the stretcher. Seeing the ambulance disappear in the distance, Linda Xia breathed a sigh of relief. All she hoped was for her grandfather to recover. But he was already unconscious when he was lifted on the stretcher.

The wound on his head was very serious. Obviously, he was in danger of losing his life. Linda was worried sick about her dear grandfather.

Now that Lord Nalan was sent to the hospital, the rest of them now needed to find the mastermind of this "accident", so they all gathered in the hall.

Both Rosy Nalan and Jessie Luo held on to their story that it was Linda Xia who pushed Lord Nalan into the pond when she was playing Go chess with him. Linda Xia didn't say anything but rolled her eyes at them. She didn't have any motives to push her grandfather into the pond. He loved her so much. What benefit would she get if she really was the one who had tried to kill him? It seemed as if only Rosy Nalan would benefit a lot from Lord Nalan's death.

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