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   Chapter 491 How Dare You Push Grandfather

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Jessie was drinking tea, watching Rosy pace back and forth. She calmly said, "Honey, don't walk around. You're making me dizzy. Get some rest. Nothing is going to go wrong."

"I'm just worried about any leaks. What if grandfather finds out that we did this to him? What if he senses that something is wrong? We'll both be screwed, and we can never get back from that."

They were planning to kill Lord Nalan! It was a plan that was more malicious than any of those they had devised before. But once the plan would fail...

"You're overthinking. Who would associate this matter with you? After all, you are also the granddaughter of Lord Nalan, right? All we have to do is to sit tight and wait. Anyway, today, Lord Nalan would die, and dead men don't talk. What are you worried about?"

Jessie comforted Rosy.

Rosy looked at her friend in surprise. She found that, over the past few months, Jessie had become more and more cruel and merciless. She had even come up with a vile thing as this.

Anyway, Rosy was now an ant in a pot of boiling water, so as to say, there was no way out for her right now.

"The person you found... Is he reliable? What if His my grandfather gets saved? Surely, they will find someone to pull him out of the pond!"

"Don't worry about it. Just trust me. This time, the old man will die, for sure. I have recruited a man. And he will push your grandfather directly down the pond."

"But my grandfather could swim."

"So what? I had also arranged for a man to stay in the pond. When Lord Nalan would fall into the water, that man would pull his feet and make him stay underwater. He would definitely drown."

After hearing what Jessie had said, Rosy relaxed a bit. It seemed that the plan had been thought out carefully.

However, it was also the first time for Rosy to do this kind of thing, so she was nervous.

And Jessie, this was also her first time to carry out such a plan. Her sugar daddy was the one who taught her this method.

Such a cruel and cold-hearted scheme... Only he could have come up w

hy was there two now? Also, the other person was very strong, so the man just couldn't pull Lord Nalan down further into the water. Fortunately, he was wearing diving equipment, so he had the ease and strength to finish his job properly.

Bun had already figured out that there was somebody under the water, so she took both Richard's arms and kicked the man hard in the water. The man who was pulling Lord Nalan down loosened his grip because of Bun's hit. At this moment, Bun took the chance to hurriedly bring Lord Nalan to the surface.

"Are you all right, My Lord? Wake up."

"My Lord..."

Bun pulled Lord Nalan to the shore, but she saw blood on his head. The whole pond also had a faint smell of blood.

By the moment Lord Nalan fell, it seemed that his head had been knocked against a sharp marble by the edge of the pond...

Linda was standing on the shore, anxious than ever. When she saw Bun jump into the water, Linda felt relieved. If it was only a few seconds of being submerged underwater, there would be no problem. But Bun had only brought him safely to the shore after more than ten seconds.

When Bun had finally managed to drag Lord Nalan out of the pond, Linda rushed to the them and asked Bun what had happened.

But suddenly, she heard Rosy say from behind, "Linda, what are you doing? How dare you push grandfather into the water?"

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