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   Chapter 490 Play Chess

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Linda was reluctant to attend Nalan clan's family feasts. Although they were all physically assembled at the same table, there was always a feeling of disunity among them. They lived in harmony on the surface, but each of them had their own selfish, personal intentions hidden within. It didn't feel like they were a real and warm family.

Linda didn't want to see Rosy Nalan and Murphy Nalan. She had no time and no interests to scheme against them.

As soon as Linda was seated at the dining table, Rosy said to her with a smile, "Hello, Linda, you are here. Welcome home. Your belly seems to have gotten bigger in the past week. The twins must be growing very healthily!"

Although Linda was surprised to see Rosy's polite smile to her, she had to hide her shock and reply back politely, "Yes, thank you."

"Sister, you are gorgeous, and Young Master Mu is also outstandingly handsome. I am sure that your babies will look beautiful after they are born, " Rosy complimented.

The doubts in Linda's mind increased with each word Rosy said.

Usually, Rosy would seize any chance to nitpick anything and bring her trouble. It was already good enough for Linda if Rosy didn't criticize her flaws. But today, Rosy had even praised her. It was so unbelievable! It seemed that the sun had risen from the west today.

Linda looked at Rosy in confusion, without saying anything more. She felt that Rosy seemed kind of unusual today.

This was the most harmonious family feast that Linda had ever had in the Nalan clan's house. During the lunch, Rosy had shown a lot of respect to Linda. She was treating Linda as if Linda was her big sister. Lord Nalan was happy to see Rosy's behaviour and even praised her, saying that Rosy had really grown polite.

Linda was perplexed at Rosy's sudden change of attitude. Despite Rosy's kindness to her, Linda didn't take any initiative to talk with Rosy.

But Rosy had actively started a conversation with her.

"Linda, are you free tonight?" asked Rosy.

"Why do you ask? Anything important?" asked Linda.

"If you are not busy tonight, please stay for a few more hours here. Don't hurry to go back home tonight. Grandfather has missed you so much. He didn't speak much at the table during the previous days when you were not here."

Linda furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. She wondered whether Rosy was feeling sick today.

Why did she suddenly want Linda to

air was cool at this time in the evening.

Linda didn't think too much about it and immediately nodded, "Okay, please tell my grandfather that I'll be there very soon."

The servant bowed to Linda with respect and then went away.

"Bun, let's get ready and go play chess with grandfather. Since he had asked someone to call me over, I'd better go now, " Linda told Bun calmly. She was feeling quite happy because she had had a meal with her grandfather and was about to play chess with him. Small and peaceful moments like these with her grandfather were so precious to Linda.

"Yes, My Lady, " Bun answered and smiled.

In the Richard's Garden of the Nalan clan's house

A servant came in and reported to Lord Nalan, "My Lord, Lady Linda sent someone over and invited you to go to the Plum Garden right now. She's waiting for you to play chess with her there."

"Plum Garden?" Lord Nalan was happy to hear that. He nodded and touched his beard, saying, "Okay. I'm coming. Are you a servant from the Linda's Garden?"

The servant nervously nodded his head and said, "Yes... I am."

"Really? But I've never seen you before, " Lord Nalan asked, puzzled.

"My Lord, I'm a new employee, " said the servant.

"Fine. Go ahead. I'll be there soon."

Lord Nalan then got ready to go to the Plum Garden, too. He initially wanted to ask Linda to come to his garden to play chess, but since Linda wanted to play it in the Plum Garden, then he would go there instead.

In Rosy's bedroom of Rosy's Garden

Rosy anxiously paced around her room. She was feeling nervous, her heart pounding rapidly.

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