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   Chapter 489 The Cancelled Bank Account

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7222

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Derek rolled his eyes cunningly, but he chose to tell the truth this time.

"I haven't seen Mr. Zhou after that. I was lured into gambling again by others. I had already won over three million with which I was planning to buy Lily a big house, but someone named Rex Wang told me that I could win more to buy a larger house if I would gamble with what I had already won, so I continued gambling. But I didn't expect that I would end up losing all the money and owing them two million."

It seemed that Derek had fallen into the same trap again.

Derek was already addicted to gambling, so he didn't realize that other people were using his weakness to trick him into losing money.

How pathetic.

Although Linda had asked Derek all the questions that were bothering her, there were still some things that weren't clear to her. But she was sure that she could not get more information from Derek.

It didn't seem like he knew anything about Vincent.

"Take him to the police station!" Linda waved her hand.

This time, Linda wanted to teach Derek a lesson. She had always let him off so easily, despite his wrongdoings. Derek would not realize his mistakes and mend his ways if he wasn't put into prison.

Since Derek was Donna's brother and Linda's uncle, Donna would be very sad if Derek was sentenced to several decades in prison. With this in mind, Linda asked Paul to suggest to the police to cut Derek some slacks, since this was Derek's first criminal charge.

However, Derek wasn't grateful to Linda. In fact, he despised her even more. He believed that if Linda hadn't caught him and taken him back, he would not be sent to prison.

People always feared facing the police and getting into jail, so, of course, Derek was no exception.

When Derek was taken away, he yelled at Linda to help him because he didn't want to be imprisoned. But Linda was already set with her decision, and she wouldn't back down on it.

After Derek had been sent away, Linda turned her head to Bun and asked, "Bun, was I too heartless? He is Lily's father, after all."

"My Lady, deep down, I know you are a kind person. But sometimes, you don't have a ch

nd she was guessing that something bad might happen soon.

When she had been abducted by Amy before, she had also felt this flustered.

Linda shook her head, trying her best not to think pessimistically. At present, she just wanted to keep her babies safe.

She thought that she should put aside those bothersome things, at least, for the moment.

Linda had never taken any action to get back at Lisa because she didn't want to involve herself in such an unpleasant matter. After all Lisa was a pathetic person. But on the other hand, she was also detestable.

Nearly a year had passed since she got pregnant, and Linda felt that her belly had already reached its peak. Her babies were going to be born very soon!

She had promised Lord Nalan before that she would go back to the Nalan clan's house once a week to have meals with him. Linda planned to go to the Nalan clan this weekend to have lunch with Lord Nalan and then go back home. She wasn't intending to spend a lot of time there since she was pregnant and needed to take more rest. If she would want to spend more time with her grandfather, she could always visit him after her babies were born.

Since she had promised to visit Lord Nalan once a week, she should do what she had said.

When Lord Nalan found out from the servants that Linda was going to visit him and join him for lunch, he got excited, so he asked the servants to prepare lots of delicious food.

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