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   Chapter 488 Where Is The Two Million

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 8008

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"Who is lying and cheating others? You'd better be careful of what you say. When did I ever do those things?" Derek shouted with anger.

"Don't act so innocent. You're not going to fool me. Now, I will give you a chance to purge yourself. Have you taken money from the Dream Company in the name of the Mu Group?"

"No, I haven't. How is that possible? How can I do such a thing?"

At this moment, Derek was still defending himself. But clearly, Linda wasn't buying a word he was saying. Linda Xia was a person who would only believe in what she had seen and heard with her own eyes and ears.

Paul opened Derek's bag from which he took a bank card and handed to Linda. He said, "My Lady, there was approximately two million in his account until yesterday. Today, the two million has been transferred."

Apparently, Paul had checked the day-to-day account transactions of Derek's bank card in advance.

"Tell me. To whom have you transferred the two million?"

"I don't know what you're talking about. I really don't know. I am innocent. I didn't do anything!"

Derek was perverse to admit it.

He didn't fear Linda Xia at all. What could she do to him? After all, his older sister was Linda's foster mother. He believed that she would not do anything to him out of consideration for her foster mother, who cared so much about him. Besides, he only tricked two million from some stranger and kept the money hidden somewhere. What was so wrong about that?

It was just a piece of cake for Linda Xia to help him pay the money back. She had gotten married to Young Master Mu. The Mu Group was so immensely wealthy that Charles Mu must have regarded two million as nothing but a drop of water in the ocean. Two million was merely a small sum of money for a rich man like him.

"You don't know, huh? Do you think that everything would be okay if you continue to deny what you had done? Do you know that defrauding two million is enough to be sentenced as a life sentence in prison? Do you want to die in jail? Okay, let me help you with that. Paul, send him to the Public Security Bureau and tell the policemen that he has deceived a company of two million. Let the policemen in the Public Security Bureau 'take care of' him."

"Oh, my dear niece. It's just two million. I was having a hard time back then. I owed someone about two million in gambling. If I could not pay the money b

extremely terrified at that time. Those people said that they would chop off my hands and feet and feed them to the dogs unless I could pay off the debt. I really had no choice, so I thought of committing fraud. I also thought that you would be able to help me deal with it."

"Well, you can avoid death. I will ask you a few questions, and you will answer them honestly, " Linda Xia said.

"What questions? Do you mean that as long as I answer you with honesty, you will save me? I don't want to be sentenced to death, nor go to jail." Derek Xie was getting closer to Linda Xia. But when he was about to grab Linda's trousers, Bun directly kicked him away.

"Speak in a polite manner, and stay away from Lady Linda, " Bun screamed at him.

Bun stomped on Derek Xie's shoulder which made him wince in pain.

"I am talking with my little niece. It's none of your business! How dare you kick me!" Derek Xie almost went mad. The kick was too painful for him to endure.

Bun had a bad impression on Derek Xie. She retorted at once, "I have shown enough respect for you. Otherwise, I would've already kicked your face and left you a broken nose. Just stay where you are. Lady Linda can hear what you are saying."

As for Bun's reactions, Linda Xia didn't care about it because she didn't like Derek at all. Bun's kicking pleased her somehow.

Linda even thought that it would be better if Bun had really kicked Derek on the face.

"Okay, answer my questions. After you met with Vincent Zhou for the first time, have you been in touch with him? Have you seen him somewhere else lately?"

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