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   Chapter 487 I am Your Uncle

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Upon the mention of Robert and Lisa's journey to Maldives, Charles's face darkened with jealousy. They had stayed in Maldives for months and undoubtedly, they had to have done all those intimate things together. Lisa had the same face as Linda's, so even though Robert hadn't been actually intimate with Linda, Charles still felt very unhappy that someone else was enjoying what supposed to be his.

"Honey, are you jealous of Robert?" Linda asked with a mischievous smile. She seldom saw Charles wearing this look.

"Me? Jealous of Robert Huo? What a joke! That's impossible!" Charles instantly denied.

He surely wouldn't admit it. After all, in Charles's eyes, Robert was not even qualified to be counted as one of his opponents. He was only one of Linda's suitors. Linda had great personal charisma and beautiful appearance, so it was normal that she had suitors around her. Robert was no different from her other suitors.

Nonetheless, it was still like a tiny thorn that was stinging Charles's heart, making him very uncomfortable.

"Take it easy. I am pregnant with your babies, so I don't have time and energy to get back at all of those people. But I won't forget taking my revenge. Do you remember? It was Amy Qi who repeatedly sliced my face with a knife, almost killing me at that time. And there must have been someone who was helping her do that. At least, I found out that Amber Tang was one of the people who had assisted Amy in the crime, so I had punished her in school. I just don't have the time to get back at Lisa and the others now. But I will one day."

Linda would take revenge on each of them after she had given birth to the babies.

"You're right. You will give birth to the babies in less than two months. Don't bother yourself with all these troublesome things. Let's talk about it later after the babies are born, " said Charles.

Linda leaned her head on Charles's chest and said, "Okay. Lisa has the same face as I do now, but so what? She is quite different from me in so many aspects, like personality, temper, habits, and so on. Do you love me just because of my physical appearance?"

"Of course not, " Charles said.

"Then, there's no problem. I understand how you're feeling. You think that Lisa is staying by Robert's side as if I were the one with Robert, and you don't like that, right?"

"Yeah, as long as you know that, " said Charles.

"Fine. I initially wanted to let Lisa off for the mome

Donna Xie's sake.

Linda burst into laughter as she heard his words. She was well aware of what he wanted to do. Each time he came to borrow money, Derek always took advantage of their relationship to talk her into lending money to him. Now, he was using the same method to beg for her mercy.

"You're right that I am my mother's daughter and you are my mother's brother. But it doesn't necessarily mean that you are my uncle. Understand? Derek, you've done so many bad deeds. It's really a waste of our country's resource to have someone like you eating and breathing, " said Linda.

Instantly, a surge of fury painted across Derek's face. He yelled, "Hey! What do you mean? I am your mother's brother, so, of course, I am your uncle. Are you insane?"

"You and my mother are siblings, but why are you so different from my mother? My mother is such a kind person. Why does she have a brother like you... Were you really born from my grandmother's womb?"

Everyone in the living room was amused by Linda's joke. Derek's eyes fumed with rage. He shouted, "You bitch! Don't be so smug. Say it! What are you going to do? Where's my sister now? I need to talk to her!"

"No way! That's not up to you, " Linda refused.

"Where's Lily? I need to talk to both my sister and daughter!"

"Derek Xie, don't you ever go see Lily from now on. I don't want you to have any bad impact on Lily. It's for your own good, too. Lily is your only daughter. I think you should want her to have a bright future and a better life than yours, right? You don't want her to become a scoundrel like you who always lies and cheats others, do you?"

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