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   Chapter 486 The Relationship between Vincent and the Huo Clan

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Lucas bowed to Linda with respect and then left with his men.

Linda stood still and looked into the distance, watching their backs until they were out of sight.

'Derek, I've always tolerated your behaviour, and I've never punished you for all the wrong things you've done. But now you even dared to trick another company out of its money by taking advantage of the Mu's Group. How despicable! This time, I swear on my name that I will make you pay for it, ' Linda thought in silence.

They had finally succeeded in rescuing Lily Xie. She was safe for the time being.

But Lily Xie still kept sobbing. Linda felt sorry for her. She thought that someone as young as Lily shouldn't endure so much pain and torture. Linda immediately said to Lily Xie, "Lily, you must be hungry, right? Come on. Let's go inside the house and eat some food!"

Lily Xie indeed felt hungry. She hadn't eaten anything for more than ten hours after she had been kidnapped yesterday. Her stomach rumbled with hunger, so she quickly nodded.

She felt safe while staying with Linda. At least, she would not be forced to have sex with whoever paid for it. She was very scared and frightened when she heard that the kidnappers would take her to a nightclub and let her work there.

She was still a student. Although she didn't do very well in her studies, she had hoped to live a normal life. If she was really sent to a nightclub to repay her father's debt by her tips from prostitution, her life would be destroyed.

"Poor girl." Donna took Lily Xie's hand, with a sad expression on her face. She felt ashamed of her brother who was good for nothing, but she couldn't do anything about it.

Living with Derek was no good for Lily Xie because he really wasn't a good father. This time, he even ran away with two million and left Lily Xie behind to deal with those people going after him. It was cruel of him to do such thing to Lily Xie, his biological daughter.

Wasn't he worried that she could have been in danger?

"Mother, Lily should stay with you from now on. Don't let her live with Derek anymore. Her life would be ruined if she continues living with him. What do you think?"


Linda got confused after hearing what Charles had said.

"Oh right, there is one more thing that you might not know. Lisa is living in the Huo clan's house now."

Linda was not surprised at the news because she guessed that Lisa had no choice but to go to the Huo clan and stay there.

"Just let Lisa enjoy her happy life for now. I'm not in a rush to get back at her, " said Linda.

She, then, leaned her head against Charles's chest. She felt very tired after going through such an experience with the whole kidnapping thing.

She was about to give birth very soon, so every move she would make would get her tired fast. Sometimes, she felt sleepy when she had just gotten up. Perhaps, her two babies were absorbing a lot of nutrients from her.

Charles gently took Linda's hand and stroked it continuously. Linda's hand was white and tender, fascinating Charles. However, Charles furrowed his eyebrows and said, "But you do know that Lisa has the same face as yours while she is living in the Huo clan's house, right?"

Linda turned her head and glanced at Charles. Judging from the expression on his face, Charles was jealous. Lisa and Linda had the same face because Lisa had changed her face through the plastic surgery. On top of that, Robert really liked Linda, so he was probably mistaking Lisa for Linda.

"I've heard that Lisa and Robert traveled to Maldives some time ago and stayed there for several months..."

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