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   Chapter 485 Two million For Her Release

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 6832

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Lily Xie was too scared. Her face was filled with streaks of tears and snot running from her nose.

"Don't be afraid. Hand the phone to that person now! I'll figure out a way to save you from this."

Lily Xie heard what Linda had said, so she wiped the tears off her face and tried to calm herself down. Then, she passed the phone on to the man who kidnapped her.

"Who are you?" Linda asked.

"You don't need to know that, Lady Linda. How about giving me two million to save her? I'm sure that two million is just chump change for you and Young Master Mu, and you'd better give them to me if you want to save this girl."

"You want to get two million from me? I don't even know who you are, so what makes you think that is possible? I'm telling you that Derek also owes me millions, and I'm looking for him, too. So why should I care about his daughter when he might be hiding somewhere, enjoying his life?"

"... Well... Aren't you his niece?"

"Yes, I am. But we are not that close, and I'm not up for doing charities here."

The man on the phone fell silent.

After a long time, the man sighed and said, "Well, if that's the case, I would not hide my identity from you, Lady Linda. I'm actually a project director of Dream Company. You could call me Wang. I had a project before, and I had wanted to cooperate with the Mu Group with it, but I can't find a way to get myself introduced. Then, Derek came to me, and he said that the Lady of the Mu clan was his niece. He also said that he could connect me with the Mu Group, so I believed him..."

"So you believed him and gave him two million?"

"He was very convincing. He showed me some contract details from the Mu Group and some photos. You two really seemed close in the photo!"

Was he stupid or what? Linda shook her head helplessly. It was really hard to believe that there was someone would trust Derek and would even give him two million.

What kind of project director was this man? A shit head. That's what.

"All right, so how about this? I will help you g

ed to look into it. Then, when we went to his house yesterday afternoon, we only found his daughter doing her homework and Derek, that bastard, no where to be found. Later we found out that Derek had been gone for already a week, so we took her away out of desperation."

Lily Xie suddenly burst into tears.

"Did your father say anything before he left?" Linda patted Lily Xie's back, calming her down.

"No, my father did not say anything much when he left. He only told me to take care of myself and go to you if someone came to me with bad intentions."

Linda sneered after hearing what Lily had said. Derek was such an asshole!

He had asked his daughter to go to Linda. Did he think that she would help pay back the money after he disappeared with the two million? Did he actually think that Linda would not be able to track him down?

"Paul, how long would it take to find Derek?"

"Just give me one day, My Lady! There is no one that WSS could not find unless he is dead, " Paul answered.

"Mr. Wang, please go back first. I give you my word. The money Derek had stolen from you will be returned to you. But we need time to figure out where he's hiding. Do you trust us?"

Lucas nodded and said, "Of course I do, but my company only gave me a week, so please hurry."

"I have your number. I'll have Paul call you if we find anything."

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