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   Chapter 484 Help me!

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"Grandfather, how should I make it up to you?" Charles responded to Lord Nalan with another question as he really didn't know how to answer.

"I know that you two are very busy, so I won't force you to live here, but every weekend from now on, you must bring Linda here and have dinner with me. How about that?" suggested Richard.

It seemed that Lord Nalan was feeling lonely, living in this big house. He didn't have anyone whom he could open his heart to. It was a small request. How could Linda and Charles say no to that? When Linda heard Lord Nalan's suggestion, she felt guilty for not accompanying him more often. All Lord Nalan wanted from them was simply to have dinner together. Linda had just been staying home for the last few months, so she was blaming herself for not having considered Lord Nalan's feelings. She hadn't paid Lord Nalan a visit for quite a long time.

"Great! That's a deal. Every Sunday afternoon, we will come visit you and stay for dinner, " said Linda.

Since James and Violet had asked Charles to bring Linda to their house for dinner every Saturday, they could spare some time on Sunday and stay at the Nalan clan's house.

As Linda thought about family dinners, she remembered Johnson and Donna. She realized that she hadn't spent any time with them in a long time, too.

Even though she hadn't visited Donna in the last few months, she did call her every week to catch up with her. Donna had told Linda that Johnson was treating her very well, and she felt comfortable living there. Linda was happy to hear that.

Since it was still early and it seemed that Lord Nalan wouldn't force them to stay for dinner, Linda decided to pay a visit to the Xia clan. They bade Richard farewell and then headed out.

Before they set out, they had already informed Johnson about their visit, so when they got to the Xia clan's house, Linda saw Johnson and Donna already waiting at the gate.

They seemed to have been waiting for a while because the expression on their faces showed how happy they were to see the Mu clan's car appear around the corner.

Stepping out of the car, Charles closed the door and walked to the other side to open the door for Linda. He helped Linda get out of the car carefully.

"Father, mother, you shouldn't have waited for us outside the house. Let's go inside. It's quite chilly today."

"It's all right. I have already fully recovered. We were happy that you decided to come and visit us today, so we eagerly waited fo

t very clear, so she wasn't sure whether the girl was Lily Xie or not.

"Lily Xie said that you are her cousin?"

"Yes, " answered Linda firmly.

The man said in a softer voice, "My Lady, don't blame us for kidnapping Lily Xie. Derek Xie brought this to himself. He is to blame for it. He had borrowed two million from us, but he never paid us back. Now that he has disappeared, he won't answer his phone, and we can't locate where he is. All we can do is to take his daughter. We have no choice."

They had thought this through. If Derek wouldn't show up, they would force Lily Xie to prostitute herself to pay the debt. It could take her 20 years or so to be able to pay back the two million.

They wouldn't care if it would ruin Lily Xie's whole life.

"Put Lily on the phone. I have something to tell her, "

Requested Linda. The man did as Linda had said, and he placed the phone against Lily Xie's ear. Lily Xie could not help but cry because she finally had the chance to talk to her family. "Linda? Are you really Linda?" Lily Xie sobbed.

"Yes, Lily, it's me, " said Linda in a soft voice.

Linda was starting to believe the whole thing when she heard Lily Xie's voice. It wasn't a scam. Lily Xie was suffering.

Derek was so irresponsible. How could he leave without his daughter after he had borrowed two million from some gangsters? Didn't he consider the fact that Lily would be put in danger if he had left her alone?

"Help me, Linda. Please help me. They said that if my father wouldn't pay off his debt, they would force me to work in a nightclub as a prostitute to pay them back the money. I don't want to..." sobbed Lily.

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