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   Chapter 483 All Is Ready Except His Lordship's Death.

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This was a serious thing, and no one could find out about it. That was what Jessie Luo thought to herself, so she looked warily from left to right to make sure that there was no one else besides Rosy and herself. "Have you thought it through?" She wanted to know if Rosy was sure about it, "Sweetheart, as you know, an arrow shot out from the bow stands no chance of return."

"I don't want to go back on my decision, " Rosy answered, "My grandfather deserves to die. That damn old man treats me so badly. I'm couldn't be more happy about his death." Rosy's grudges had started to flow out through her anger.

"That's all right. But you have to calm down and take it easy now. We have to make a thorough and flawless plan, " Jessie advised Rosy.

"I've thought it all over. And yes, you're right. There is indeed no need to worry now. My grandfather said that the holiday resort and the Sky Building would only be taken over by Linda after the babies in her stomach would be born. She would be due in two months, and thus, as long as we can come up with a great plan in the following two months..."

The more Rosy thought about it, the more thrilled she was. Why hadn't she thought of this scheme before? Lord Nalan's death would largely do her good. When that would happen, she could possibly even succeed all of the properties of the Nalan clan.

Although Lord Nalan didn't like her at all, her father and her brother both loved her very much. She could do anything she wanted to do after her grandfather's death because Rosy knew that she had the favors of her immediate family members.

Now, everything was ready to devise Lord Nalan's death.

At Linda's Garden, Nalan Mansion

Nelson came to look for Linda Xia in the Garden shortly after she had gotten back there. He came a little late because he had to deal with some other things first.

Despite the queries of everyone concerned, Nelson himself didn't know who had put those lavenders in the dining room. However, he knew that Lady Rosy used to enjoy the fragrance of the lavenders, so she would ask the servants to put some lavenders in the dining room. But that was long time ago.

It might have just been an accident, Linda thought. She, then, decided to stop looking into these lavenders.

Although she got uncomfortable with the fragrance of those lavenders from the dining room, she felt much better now and the flowers seemed to have little harm to the babies in her present stage of pregnancy, so Linda decided to let the matter go.

After all, she had been pregnant for already eigh


"Honey, " Linda Xia sweetly called out to him. An expression of happiness arose spontaneously on her face. She stood up and trotted toward Charles Mu.

Seeing her running, Charles Mu opened his arms to give her a hug.

Linda instinctively jumped into his embrace.

"Oh, honey, be careful! You might fall!"

Seeing the intimate relationship between Young Master Mu and Lady Linda, the servants beside them couldn't help but secretly chuckle. How picturesque the scene in front of them was!

It was said that Young Master Mu was as cold as an iceberg. He always had on a solemn expression on his face whenever he talked with other women. He would also directly reject the women who admired him. But to their surprise, Lady Linda could easily win his fondness. From his angular face, they could see his great love for Lady Linda.

Charles Mu held Linda Xia in his arms after she had jumped into his embrace, and then, he carefully placed her on the ground. He held Linda's hand and went to Lord Nalan, greeting him, "Grandfather, long time no see."

Furrowing his brows, Lord Nalan pretended to be angry with Charles Mu. "Yes, you haven't come to visit me for several months. Why? You don't think there is a need to pay an old man like me a visit after getting married to his granddaughter?"

Charles Mu smiled with politeness and replied to him, "It is all my fault. I was wrong. Now, as you can see, I am personally here to apologize to you."

Charles visited Lord Nalan just this once after he got married to Linda. Was that an apology? What a joke! Lord Nalan was unwilling to accept an apology like this.

"That's not enough. What else can you show me your sincerity?" asked he.

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