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   Chapter 482 Take the Helm of the Nalan Clan

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Updated: 2018-12-18 00:12

When Jessie had just stepped into Rosy's place, she heard a sound like a vase shattering to pieces on the floor.

Rosy was burning with wrath at that moment. The more she thought about the matter at hand, the more indignant she got. She was even throwing vases onto the floor. The servants nearby trembled with fear as they saw how angry Rosy was, breaking things here and there. No one dared to step up and stop her from doing it because she always had such a violent temper. Whenever she would immerse herself into rage, no one could make her stop. Thus, they all just kept silent, waiting for Rosy to cool down on her own.

"What's wrong? Rosy? Why are you so angry? Who has displeased the Lady of the Nalan clan this time?"

Rosy was disgusted to hear Jessie call her 'the Lady of the Nalan clan', so she immediately shouted at Jessie, "Are you mocking me?"

"No, I'm not! I will never do that to you. Rosy, what's wrong? What made you this furious? Would you like to tell me about it?"

Seeing Rosy in a bad mood, Jessie immediately walked up to her and took her hand. Then, she drew her to aside and said, "Calm down. You shouldn't lose your temper at home. Come on. Let's go to a coffee shop. I will treat you to coffee. Then, you can tell me all about it, okay?"

Rosy couldn't find a better way to relinquish her anger, so she nodded and replied, "Fine, let's go!"

Jessie tipped the servants with a wink and beckoned them to clean up the mess. After that, she walked Rosy outside and went toward a high-end coffee shop nearby. After they had reached the place, they opted to be put in a private VIP room. Then Rosy began to tell Jessie about her unpleasant experience and express her grievances.

After hearing what had happened to Rosy today, Jessie slammed the table and said, "Linda is so unreasonable! She is nothing in the Nalan clan, and how could she be this shameless? Does she want to take away all of the Nalan clan's properties? Rosy, this is an injustice to you."

"What should I do now? Every property of the Nalan clan is owned by my grandfather. First the companies, and now the estates; he always gives properties of our clan to Linda. It is obvious that he has bias toward Linda. If Linda would get everything someday, what should

t Lord Nalan doted on Linda while treating Rosy with indifference.

At the thought of this, Rosy became livid once again, her rage boiling up from within. Gradually, feelings of resent sunk in, letting her personal grudges grow within her.

"Have you made up your mind? This is very dangerous, and your grandfather will die once you succeed in doing it."

"I'm not on good terms with him. He only cares about my brother and Linda, totally neglecting me. I will not grieve for him even if he dies."

Jessie sighed after hearing Rosy and said, "Okay! Carrying out this plan would involve considerable risks. If you want your grandfather to die, you have to come up with a proper reason for his death. Besides, you can't let others suspect that you have anything to do with his death. You should think of a thorough plan first."

After pondering about it for a while, Rosy said, "I think we can frame others for the murder of my grandfather. He has three children: my father, Felix, and Sherry, Linda's mother. Although Felix, my uncle, is not as outstanding and successful as my father, I think that he might still have a good chance to compete with my father. Also, I feel that Murphy, who seems to only be watching from the sidelines, might be a hypocritical, spiteful person. It should be better to impute the crime to my uncle and his daughter. In this way, we would be able to get all of the properties of the Nalan clan. And then, my father will gain real power and take the helm of the Nalan clan!"

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