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   Chapter 481 How Dare You Slap Me

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It was impossible for Rosy Nalan to lay a hand on Linda. She couldn't even touch the corner of Linda's clothes because Bun was there to protect her. Rosy had just reached out her hand, but it was immediately slapped away by Bun.

In an instant, Rosy's hand turned red due to the strong force of Bun's hit.

"What are you doing? Keep yourself far away from Lady Linda. Got it?" yelled Bun.

Rosy was shocked by Bun's rudeness to her. A surge of anger painted across her face, and then she snapped, "Who the hell are you? How dare you slap me! Do you know who I am? I am the eldest daughter of the Nalan clan!"

"You are the eldest daughter of Nalan clan? Are you kidding me? Lady Linda is the eldest daughter of the Nalan clan, not you!" Bun said as she frowned.

"You are just a lowly servant. You are so bold to have hit me! Even if I am not the eldest daughter, so what? I am still a daughter of the Nalan clan."

Rosy resentfully glared at Bun and lifted her arm. She was about to get back at Bun.

But Linda wouldn't let Rosy do it.

Long before, Linda had sworn to herself that she wouldn't let Bun suffer any grievances when she was by her side.

So, the moment Rosy raised her hand, Linda instantly gave her a heavy slap on the cheek.

A searing stroke of pain strewed across Rosy's face which dumbfounded her for a moment. She was stunned. She couldn't believe that Linda Xia had slapped her.

"Linda Xia, you bitch! You dare hit me? Do you have a death wish?" Tears started to flood Rosy's eyes. Covering her aching face with her hand, Rosy widened her eyes and stared at Linda in disbelief.

"Of course, I would dare hit you! I'm warning you. Don't you ever try to hurt the people around me, " said Linda.

She hated seeing other people treat Bun lowly. Each time Bun addressed her as "My Lady" with respect, the other people would assume that Bun was her servant.

To say the least, even if Bun was her servant, did it mean that anyone was allowed to bully Bun? The person who would bully Bun was actually also showing disrespect to Linda. Due to this, Linda had to be tough to fight back in order to protect Bun.

"Linda Xia, don't get too ahead of yourself. Let's wait and see. I will let you reap the consequences of what you have done, " Rosy said and turned around to leave, with her hand still covering her red cheek. She knew that she could do nothing to get back at them now.

Put in such a disadvantageous position, it was wise f

sidelines, but she could turn out to be the winner at the end of all of this.

That was what Lenny was trying hard to prevent from happening

"Yes, father. I will keep that in my mind, and be more discreet of my actions, " said Rosy.

"Since your grandfather is spoiling her now, you'd better keep yourself away from her. Don't declare an open war against Linda. Anyway, although father had promised to give those assets to her, according to the law of inheritance, you will still own a part of it. Again, don't be impulsive. As long as father is alive, those properties would not officially belong to Linda. Understand?"

He added, "Moreover, I am a Nalan clan's son, and you are my daughter. Linda is my sister's daughter. According to the law, you have the priority over her to inherit the properties.

We just need to be patient and plan everything well. Don't rush things. They will come to place in time."

Finishing his words, Lenny patted Rosy's shoulders and left.

Just as Lenny had walked out of the door, Jessie Luo arrived.

Jessie hadn't seen Rosy for quite some time. Rosy had called her and asked her to come over. Rosy told her on the phone that Linda had come to their house and slapped her earlier, so Jessie immediately came to comfort her.

Unexpectedly, as soon as she had arrived at the door, she saw that Lenny was leaving. Jessie smiled and greeted, "Hello, Uncle Lenny."

"Good evening, Jessie. You've come at the right time. Please help me comfort Rosy. She's quite upset now, " said Lenny.

Jessie instantly nodded and said, "Yes, I will. I am going to meet Rosy now. Have a good night, Uncle Lenny."

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