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   Chapter 480 Do You Hate Me

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It was not so difficult to figure out who had placed the lavender in the dining room, after all, Linda already had some candidates in mind.

The September weather was still hot even if it had rained yesterday. Nevertheless, it was cool in the evening. Linda took a deep breath of fresh air and felt much better.

"Come on. Let's go back now!"

Although Linda had left the Nalan clan, Lord Nalan still kept and maintained the Linda's Garden in the Nalan clan's mansion for her. He sent servants to clean it every day, so it was very clean for Linda to stay the night.

Inside the Linda's Garden, there had already been a bedroom for Anna. But since Linda had brought Bun with her, she asked Anna to arrange a room for Bun.

In fact, if they wanted to find out who had put the lavender inside the dining room, they could ask Nelson about that. Maybe, they could get some clues from him. Nelson was the Nalan clan's supervisor. He was the one who took charge of everything in the Nalan clan, so he might know something about it.

Since Nelson was friendly with Linda and he was deeply involved with the Nalan clan's matters, it would be a good idea to ask for his help first.

It was still early, so Linda was planning to ask Nelson to come and look for her right now. She hadn't come back to the Nalan clan's house for several months, so she also wanted to know from him about what was currently happening in the Nalan clan.

Since Lily Jiang was living with Linda, Linda would often see Nelson around even though she didn't stay with the Nalans anymore. The next semester of university would start in October, so Nelson always went to Linda's place to visit Lily Jiang during the summer holiday.

"Anna, please ask Nelson to meet me in the plum garden. I will go there first with Bun."

Linda took a nap this afternoon, so she wasn't feeling sleepy now. She wanted to go to the plum garden where the scenery was always very beautiful. Linda hadn't been there in such a long time. When she was living in the Nalan clan's house, aside from the Linda's Garden, she liked the plum garden the most. However, it was a pity that there were many unpleasant things that had happened there in the past. It was the place where she was once pushed into the pond by someone.

Now, she didn't have to worry about such a terrible thing happening again because Bun was by her side to protect her. No one would get any chance to harm her again.

inda had no idea why Rosy always confronted her and quarrelled with her. At the thought of this, Linda became even more furious.

"Do you hate me?"

Rosy replied, "Of course, I hate you. I get very angry whenever I see you. Who do you think you are?"

"Well, if you really dislike me, you can dig your eyes out. In this way, you will never see me."

Rosy was shocked by Linda's words. Without knowing how to retort at that moment, her blood rushed to her angry face.

"What did you just say? Say it again!"

"I said that you can dig your eyes out. Don't you get my point? Would you like me to explain further? What I have just said is so easy to understand, but you can't even comprehend it. Why are you so stupid?"

Linda shook her head disdainfully and then shouted, "Bun, let's go."

She wasn't in the mood to argue with Rosy. It was a total waste of time to do such a meaningless thing.

She went to the Nalan clan's house just because Lord Nalan had asked her to come for dinner. Also, she hadn't seen him for a long time. She had planned to spend the whole day with Lord Nalan tomorrow to fulfill her filial duty. As for those who hated her or wanted to harm her, she would just ignore them.

After all, she was pregnant, and her body couldn't deal with the stress and conflict. She thought that she should not make herself unhappy because of such people.

When Bun came back, she saw a woman standing beside Linda. That woman seemed to be irritated by Linda, which amused Bun.

When Linda and Bun were about to leave, Rosy still wanted to draw Linda back. She was unwilling to let her off so easily!

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