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   Chapter 479 Presents for The Twins

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 8255

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Rosy Nalan was not upset about her grandfather saying that she wouldn't be able to find a husband as good as Charles; rather, she despised the fact that he was treating her and Linda differently.

Rosy thought that her grandfather was too biased toward Linda. Obviously, Linda was wrong first by an hour late for dinner. Punctuality was one of her grandfather's most upheld virtues. Rosy was just being honest to point it out and to remind Linda of how important punctuality was to the Nalan clan. However, her grandfather didn't side with her, but, instead, he criticized her. How did that make sense?

Tears flooded Rosy's eyes, as she felt so hurt. But Rosy didn't dare say anything more since both her grandfather and her father had opened their mouths to stop her from going against Linda. Rosy, then, had no choice but to shut her mouth.

Linda felt quite joyful to see Rosy's tearful eyes. It was Rosy who attempted to bring trouble to her in the first place. Linda didn't understand why she had put on such an aggrieved look. Was it because Lord Nalan didn't side with her? What did she do wrong to Rosy this time? Was she starving to death because of Linda's tardiness?

"Okay, Rosy, just forget about it. Linda didn't do it on purpose. Stop dwelling on it, and let Linda off this time. Otherwise, people might think that we are too mean and unreasonable if they ever know about this, " Murphy Nalan also stood up and said.

Linda looked at Murphy, who was smiling kindly to her. On the surface, Murphy was helping her, but Linda knew that she had bad intentions inside. Murphy was the most unpredictable person in the Nalan clan.

Therefore, Linda had to be wary of Murphy. She wasn't scared of Rosy, but Murphy, who had always hidden her true thoughts so deeply. She might be the one who would stab Linda someday in the back.

"Linda, your baby will be born in about two months, right?"

Lord Nalan asked as he looked at Linda's belly.

Linda put one hand on her belly and said, "Yes. And it's babies, grandfather. I'm expecting twins. They will come out in two months."

Lord Nalan's face was already red due to the wine he had drunk. When he heard that Linda was having twins, he got even redder out of delight. A dash of joy painted across his face. He touched his beard and said with a smile, "Twins? That's great news! No wonder your belly is so big. If that's the case, then... I have to prepare two presents for my great-grandchildren. Hm

Linda's words, Anna walked inside the dining room and looked around. She found that there were some flowers furnishing the room, exuding a delicate fragrance in the air. Anna felt that it was a nice scent... Eventually, Anna rested her eyes on some purple-colored flowers.

After she walked close to them and saw what kind of flowers they were, Anna furrowed her brows. But she didn't say anything and went back to Linda's side. She whispered in Linda's ears, "My Lady, let's leave the room as soon as possible."

Looking at Anna's worried face, Linda instantly understood that there had to be some problems with those flowers.

She immediately left the dining room together with Anna and Bun. As soon as they had gotten far away from the dining room, Anna told Linda, "My Lady, I saw some lavenders in the room. You're pregnant, so the scent of lavenders is bad for you. You would feel uncomfortable with it. Lavenders can help stimulate the circulation of the blood in a human's body; however, if you have absorbed too much of its scent during your pregnancy, it might cause a miscarriage."

"Really? That's so terrible!" Linda was surprised when she heard Anna's words. That was why she felt uneasy while she was in the dining room.

"Yes, it's not so suitable for pregnant women. But, for the other people, lavender would be good for their health, " Anna added.

Linda sensed that someone had to have done it on purpose. It didn't seem like a coincidence because lavender wasn't a common flower people would place beside their dinner tables. Why were there some lavenders in the dining room when she happened to be here for dinner?

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