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   Chapter 478 It Was An Impossible Thing

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"My Lady, it's currently rush hour, so there are a lot of vehicles on the road. Besides, a pile-up has occurred on the viaduct in front of us, due to a car accident, causing us to get stuck in traffic for about half an hour. We can't do anything but be patient about it. Anyway, they're clearing it up, so we should be on the go soon."

Linda nodded and thought that they really could do nothing about the situation since there was a minor crash on the road.

When they arrived at the gate of the Nalan clan's house, it was already 7:30 PM.

A servant was waiting anxiously by the gate. He kept glancing at the road, anticipating Linda's arrival.

When he saw that Linda's car was finally approaching, his face lit up with relief. He, then, ran up to Linda and said, "My Lady, what took you so long? Is everything okay? His Lordship and the other clan members have been waiting for you for a long time."

"There was a car accident on the road, so we got stuck in traffic."

"My Lady, you should go inside now. I will help you park your car."

Bun got out of the car and gave the car key to the servant. After that, they entered the house. When they had just stepped foot in the living room, Linda heard someone complain, "Grandfather, we should start having dinner now. Linda is inconsiderate. Not only will she come back only today for the first time after she has gotten married, but she has also kept us waiting so long. She's being disrespectful to you!"

Linda knew that the familiar voice was from Rosy Nalan.

"No, Linda is not that kind of person. Perhaps, there's something unexpected. I'm sure she will tell us why she's late when she gets here. Let's wait a little longer. She will get here very soon, " said Lord Nalan slowly.

"The dinner would get cold, and cold food is not good for your age. We should start eating now. Linda is also our family member, so she would understand."

"That's right. It is very rude of Linda to keep us waiting for so long!"

While hearing their complaints, Linda was a bit embarrassed to show her face to them. She was indeed late and had kept her grandfather waiting for so long. She told him that she would reach the house before 6:30 PM, but she ended up arriving at 7:30 PM.

When she walked toward the table, Lord Nalan saw her, and he instantly looked very delighted. But the others seemed annoyed by her presence as if she owed them a large sum of money.


letting go of Linda's tardiness.

At the end of the dinner, Lord Nalan began to praise Linda.

He had given Linda two subsidiaries of the Nalan Group as a wedding gift. Since then, these two companies had been well-run to the point where these would be publicly listed soon.

When Lord Nalan celebrated Linda's achievements, no one dared retort him. They could only negatively gossip about Linda in secret. Linda didn't dare take credit for it because, after Lord Nalan had given the companies to her, she asked Charles to run them. She didn't know how to manage companies, so she believed that it would be better to let Charles take over them.

It surprised Linda that Charles had been running the two companies very well, but she was also feeling a bit ashamed since she had never made any effort to help Charles manage them.

"I think that Linda isn't running these two companies on her own. Young Master Mu must be helping her with it. We all know that she isn't competent enough to manage these companies since she isn't good at it."

Before Linda had any chance to say something, Lord Nalan said, "So what if Linda is running the two companies with Charles's help? At least, she has gotten herself a good husband. How about you? Do you have one? If you can get married to someone like Charles, I will also give you and your husband two companies."

It was difficult to find such an outstanding husband as Charles. There might not even be another man like Charles in this world. It was apparent that Lord Nalan had put Rosy into an embarrassing situation. It was impossible for her to get out of it now!

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