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   Chapter 477 Dinner In The Nalan Clan's house

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Lisa was soaked in sweat all over her body. She was feeling fairly uncomfortable since her clothes were all wet, plastered on her skin, so she nodded and went to the bathroom.

There was only one month to go before all of this would end. If she could hold on for a few more weeks, she would finally abolish her drug addiction. Then, she would be able to do what she had always wanted to do, to live abroad with Robert happily. They could settle down in a small town where nobody knew them, so she would never have to fear that someone would expose her lies. She could, then, also bear Robert's child.

Children stemmed from love, and Lisa would like to have several of them with Robert.

Dragging her tired body to the bathroom, Lisa slowly turned on the tap. Looking at herself in the mirror, she noticed that her face was weary beyond description. All of a sudden, there was a terrified expression on her face. She was shocked when she saw freckles on her forehead standing out in contrast against her pale skin.

Even though it was not too evident, Lisa was sure that it was a consequence of drug abuse. She didn't have any freckles before she took drugs. It seemed that the drug really affected the body in a negative way...

In the military area of ZJ Province

Hanson and his minions had been locked up for a whole day before they were released.

The way they had been treated was really tormenting. They were forced to stand up facing an intensely bright light from a lamp for 24 hours, so they hadn't gotten any sleep. It was pure torture.

All of their bloodshot red eyes resulted from the lack of sleep, making them all look very terrible.

However, this punishment was a lenient one, especially since the order came from Charles.

Hanson's face was as black as coal. His minions behind him followed in silent, too afraid to say a word.

He had never imagined he would ever suffer this kind of torture. He felt a deep sense of shame.

How could he let that go without getting back at the culprit? Hanson not only had wasted 200 million in bidding for a necklace for some stupid woman, but he had also been held captive in a military area for one whole day and had been forced to put up with an inhumane treatment. He hadn't been through anything like this for the past ten years.

"Just go, " said Hanson, waving at his minions. He wanted to go home now after that tiring day, but he had already made up his mind to get revenge in the future. Before he would take any action, he needed to be prepared.

Even though he had sworn to take revenge against Charles and Sophia, Hanson was not a reckless person. He had to wait for the right time, and he knew that it would come someday.

'That bastard, Charles... And that bitch, Sophia... You would all go to hell one day!' Han

y need to set out now. It is already five o'clock. There are other people waiting for us besides Lord Nalan. If we are late for dinner, they probably would rant and complain against us."

"Yes, My Lady, " said Bun.

Now that Bun was back, Linda didn't need to take any other bodyguards with her. Bun was strong enough to protect both Linda and Anna. Besides, Linda was wearing the dragon ring which could be used when something would come up, so they weren't worried about their safety.

Bun went to the underground garage to pick out their car for today. She had picked the Volkswagen Phaeton since they wanted to lay low. Also, the car had a rather comfortable backseat, which was a good thing for Linda.

The moment Linda got into the car, she began to feel sleepy. She felt helpless about it since it was a typical symptom of pregnancy.

"Bun, I want to get some rest for a bit. Wake me up when we arrive, " said Linda.

Bun nodded and then she started focusing on the road. Since Linda was sleeping in the back seat, Bun drove very carefully and cautiously.

Thanks to Bun's driving skills, Linda slept soundly on the backseat of the car.

Bun had been travelling for three months, and when she got back, she was surprised to see how big Linda's belly had grown. After she found out that Linda was bearing twins, she could not help but be overreacted and even paranoid every time she went out with Linda. She thought that she couldn't be too careful.

On their way to the Nalan clan's house, Bun drove attentively, so Linda could be able to rest and sleep well.

When Linda woke up, she felt that she had slept for a long time, but they still hadn't arrived, yet. She rubbed her eyes and glanced at the small screen on the dashboard of the car. It was almost 7:00 PM.

"Is something wrong? Are we still on the way? Why haven't we arrived, yet?"

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