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   Chapter 475 The Agony of Lovesickness

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Bun turned her head around to look at Brian Ho with anger. How dared he say that she was stupid!

"You bad man! What did you say? Say it again!"

"No, no. Honey, I'm sorry. I didn't mean that..." Brian apologized as he tried to control his laughter.

"Huh!" Bun let out an annoyed sound.

Even though Bun had pretended to be annoyed, her face glowed with happiness as she bantered with Brian. It seemed that Brian had been treating Bun very well.

Watching them kidding around endearingly, Linda felt relieved.

Bun turned around and was about to talk to Linda, but unexpectedly, she heard Brian mutter, "You don't call me out when we're in bed..."

Instantly, Linda spat out the congee that she was having because she couldn't bear her laughter. Next to her, Anna also covered her mouth, chuckling.

Bun's face and ears flushed bright red. She got angry again because of embarrassment. How could Brian be so shameless to say it in front of others?

Then, Bun turned around and raised her fist. She wanted to punch Brian now.

Brian knew that he had said something wrong to irritate Bun again, so he immediately ran away to dodge Bun's fist. He ran as he begged, "Bun, honey... I'm sorry... Ouch... Ah, ah..."

He knew that his wife was shy, so she would easily get angry with these kinds of jokes.

They ran out of Linda's room while playing around with each other.

Anna suddenly thought of something and told Linda, "Oh, right. My Lady, Lord Nalan called this morning, but you were still sleeping at that time, so I spoke to him for you."

"Well, what did my grandfather say?"

It had been a long time since last time Linda had seen Lord Nalan. She always felt tired as she was pregnant, so she didn't want to go anywhere. And a lot of things had been happening lately, which only added to her tiredness.

"Lord Nalan said that if you are free tonight, please go to the Nalan clan's house to have dinner with him. He also wants you to spend the night there."

Linda remembered that the last time she had seen her grandfather was on her wedding ceremony with Charles. She felt guilty about not going to see her grandfather for all these months, so she asked Anna to call him again. Then, she instructed, "Okay, please help me call him back. Tell him that I'll visit him tonight and have dinner there."

"Yes, My Lady, " said Anna.

Linda had finished her bowl of congee, so Anna took the empty bowl out of her room and headed back to the kitchen.

Linda then called Charles, but Paul answered it for him.

"Young Master is having a meeting right now. My Lady, what's going on?" asked Paul.

"Well, nothing important. Charles seems to be very busy these

my best to finish it within two months. I'll come back soon."

"Don't be sad. The distance would help strengthen your relationship. When Brian comes back, you will love each other even more, " Linda comforted Bun as she saw that Bun was on the verge of tears. Linda understood how sad it was for a new couple to part with each other. Back then, when Linda had to be separated with Charles, she became very distressed, too, but she had no choice at the time.

After he gave a big hug to Bun, Brian turned around and started to leave. He walked slowly toward the door as he turned his head around to look at Bun repeatedly at every step. Linda found it interesting to see Brian like this. It was the first time she saw that look on his face.

Brian was a playboy before he met Bun. There were always women of different types around him, but Brian had never truly fallen in love with any of them.

So, every time he broke up with a woman, he wouldn't feel sad. He didn't care about it at all. Sometimes, when he had some urgent missions, he might even disappear in the middle of night all of a sudden, without telling his woman. He would never go back to the same woman. Brian had hurt a lot of women's hearts back then.

Now, Brian finally knew the agony of lovesickness. He really wished that he could finish his mission in one second and return to Bun's side immediately.

Bun kept wiping off the tears from her cheeks even after Brian was completely out of her sight.

"Bun, don't cry. He will come back after two months. Time flies. It would soon be two months, " Linda comforted her again and patted her shoulder.

"Yes, I know. But, My Lady, time is not a concern. I can wait for him. It's that... Brian's missions are always very dangerous. I'm worried about his safety..."

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