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   Chapter 474 Linda Must Be Pregnant with Twins

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The next morning, Linda woke up in Charles's arms.

Linda was staying with Charles in a hotel for the first time, and she felt that it was a wonderful experience. Linda and Charles had gotten married before falling in love. After they got engaged to be married, Linda was gradually attracted to Charles, and soon enough, she realized that she really loved him.

While noticing that Linda was awake and moving in his arms, Charles also woke up. He saw Linda looking at him the moment he opened his eyes. He smiled at her and said, "Honey, what's wrong? Why are you looking at me like this?"

Charles's smile was so bright and charming that Linda was totally fascinated by it. She had her eyes solely fixed on his warm smile which she knew was only meant for her.

Linda had never seen Charles smile like this at any other place, except when he was alone with her, like this moment when they were cuddling on the bed.

After a while, they got out of bed and freshened up. After lazing around the hotel room for a bit, they then had breakfast. After that, they prepared to go back to SH City. Charles's visit to ZJ Province had been reduced to a farce. He had only planned to go there to bid for a surprise gift for Linda, but he didn't expect that his wife would come over to rescue him in the end.

When they were on their way home, Linda, who was sitting on the backseat of the car with Charles, asked, "Where did you ask the Mu Security Team to take those men?

How long will you lock them up?"

"About one or two days. I won't keep them in the troops for too long. They don't deserve to stay at such a solemn place."

"I worry that Hanson will get back at us after he gets released. Honey, you must stay cautious and vigilant for any unforeseen attacks by them in the future. Don't let them have any chance to harm you. I don't want to see you getting hurt when they do take their revenge, " reminded Linda after reflecting on the incident. Even though she knew that Charles was very smart and that he had already considered such a thing, Linda, being his wife, thought that it was her duty to remind her husband to pay attention to his own safety.

"Okay, I know. Thank you, my dear."

Deeply touched by her heartwar

lot of time under the sun. Linda joked, "Bun, why did your skin become so tan after only a few months?"

Bun laughed and replied, "I went to Tibet along with Brian. I had put on some sunscreen to lessen the effect. You should see Brian. His skin is much darker!"

"Dear wife, don't make fun of me. It doesn't matter. My sun-tanned skin will change back to its original colour after a few months." Carrying their luggage, Brian slowly walked behind Bun and then appeared in front of Linda. Linda then saw that Brian and Bun were wearing matching outfits.

Linda was just joking about it. Bun was only a bit darker than she was before. Her skin was sun-kissed at most.

After the travel, Brian and Bun seemed to have gotten closer and happier than they were before. Brian had even begun referring to Bun as his wife.

"So how was it? Where did you guys travel to? Did you have a good time?"

"We went to a lot of places. I will tell you each destination one by one. We also came across many interesting things." Bun sat down beside Linda. She hadn't seen Linda in a long time and was very delighted to see that Linda's belly had become larger than before. She figured that Linda would be giving birth to her baby soon.

"My Lady, do you know the gender of your baby? Is it a girl or a boy?"

Linda just shook her head.

Bun was confused, frowning. "If it's neither a boy, nor a girl..."

"Bun, you are so stupid. Linda's belly is so big. She must be pregnant with twins!"

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