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   Chapter 472 Punishment

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"How do you know that Charles and Amy were friends from childhood and had grown up together? Did you watch them growing up? Hmm? And how could you know that Charles's mother had treated Amy as her daughter-in-law? Do you even know Amy? Has she told you about this?"

"Everyone in SH City knows about it."

"It seems that people have been wrongly informed, spreading false rumours. They shouldn't believe those absurd gossips."

In fact, Linda knew the truth. There were a lot of fake news that had been going around, such as matters regarding Amy and Charles. They had met each other when they were young, but Linda didn't believe that they grew up together as close friends, let alone lovers.

Charles had once told her that the Mu clan had friendly relations with the Qi clan, so the two clans' members met frequently. However, Charles had always ignored Amy.

If Charles and Amy had really formed a deep friendship since they were children, they would have had a close relationship with each other. But Linda knew that Amy had a one-sided love with Charles, and he had disliked Amy. It was quite clear that they were not even close to each other; there were not even any childhood friendship between them.

Linda didn't believe what Sophia had told her, and she also didn't need to explain the truth to Sophia. She was the Lady of the Xia clan and the Nalan clan. She and Charles loved each other genuinely. They got married because they had both mutually consented to do it.

Their marriage had been accepted by the Xia clan and the Mu clan, And they had gotten married with all their parents' blessings.

Although Linda and Charles signed a marriage agreement at the beginning, they fell in love with each other in the end. Linda thought that she was very lucky to have gotten together with Charles. Since she loved and cherished Charles very much, she hoped that others would not meddle in or destroy their marriage.

It would be great if Linda would be able to persuade Sophia to drop her obsession with Charles, but if Sophia insist

versation between Sophia and me?"

Without looking up, Charles replied, "I'm not curious about it. She has nothing to do with me. She is merely a singer from my entertainment company."

"Apparently, she likes you very much."

"I know. But what can we do about it?"

"She said that it doesn't matter if she can't be together with you. She only wants to be your woman... You can..."

Upon hearing her, Charles suddenly looked up at Linda.

'Is he mad at me?' thought Linda. She was just joking. She trusted him, of course.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to..."

Charles closed his laptop, put it aside, and stood up from the sofa. He then walked slowly toward Linda.

He put his arms around Linda's waist after he got near her.

"You didn't mean to? You didn't mean to do what?"

Charles said in a low voice, burying his head in her neck.

His soft breath spread around Linda's neck, making Linda feel sexually aroused.

"Tell me, what didn't you mean to do?" asked Charles gently.

"I shouldn't have joked about you and Sophia. I understand what had happened, and I trust you with all of my heart. I believe that you don't and will never have any relationship with her."

Charles nodded with satisfaction and said, "I'm glad that you know that. So... do you think that I should punish you for joking around?"

"How do you want to punish me?"

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