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   Chapter 471 Want to Be Charles's Woman

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Sophia sat cross-legged at the bedside, with her two hands placed on the bed, supporting her body. Her long and black curly hair fell over her shoulders. She looked very sexy and seductive.

Sophia squinted at Linda in disdain.

Linda noticed the contempt in Sophia's eyes. It seemed that she had no interest in talking to Linda. Sophia was taunting her in an aggressive manner, as if she was already Charles's woman, and she had been in a relationship with Charles. Now, she was dealing with Charles's legal wife as Charles's other woman. However, Sophia didn't know what Linda was good at. Linda majored in psychology. She could detect people's inner feelings by observing the subtle changes of their facial expressions.

Linda found that Sophia was actually very nervous at the moment. Sophia was unconsciously keeping her eyes on Linda's face, staring at her.

She seemed to be trying to read Linda's facial expressions. She wanted to know how Linda would react after her aggressive words.

When other women heard about their husband having an affair with another woman, they would surely panic or be saddened by it. However, Sophia couldn't find the slightest trace of sadness on Linda's face. Linda was different from any other woman. She trusted Charles. Besides, Linda always believed what she saw with her eyes and what she felt with her heart.

"I want to ask you. How did you enter this room?" Linda asked.

Sophia was stunned when she heard Linda's question. She was dumbfounded for a moment. Why didn't she ask about more important things? Why wasn't Linda concerned about her relationship with Charles? Instead, she was asking this insignificant question... Why? Sophia had already prepared the words in her mind on how to retort Linda.

After a while, she finally found her voice and said, "Of course, I came in from the door. Charles had given me the key to the door. Otherwise, how could I have entered here? But I didn't have much luck today. I bumped into Hanson, and then you came here all of a sudden. In order not to let you know about my relationship with him, Charles had to pretend that he didn't know about it at all. That was why he confronted me just now. It was just a show. You are so smart. Why couldn't you figure that out?"

Linda immediately applauded after she heard Sophia made up the story. No wonder she was quickly making a name for herself in the film industry. She was indeed talented in acting. She would be perfectly able to direct a movie

ble? She also took Charles away from the Qi clan's daughter, Amy Qi. If you think I am immoral, then Linda Xia is the same sort of woman as I am!" Sophia snapped at Anna.

"How did you get this information? What are you talking about? What a joke! I've stolen Charles away from Amy Qi?" Linda asked curiously.

"The whole SH City knows about what you have done!" yelled Sophia.

She then continued, "Amy and Charles had been playmates since childhood. She was treated as the Mu clan's daughter-in-law by Charles's mother. If you hadn't intervened in their relationship, Amy would've been Charles's wife!"

"Sounds interesting. Go on, please tell me what else you've heard about this, " Linda said and listened to her attentively.

She was interested to hear how Sophia was going to narrate the whole story.

"Amy is dead, and I believe that her death must have had something to do with you. She died because of you. Linda, you have the nerve to insult me and my principles? What about your own morals? You know the bad things you've done. Don't try to pretend to be noble. You are no better than me. But since you're already married to Charles, I won't try to replace you as his legal wife. I can be his mistress. What do you think?"

Sophia had been working in the entertainment industry for quite a few years. A lot of men, who had respected social statuses as Charles, always had a few women around them as their mistresses. Although they had a wife at home, their wives wouldn't care about it. That was what Sophia had thought was common among the upper class. So Sophia thought that it wasn't a big deal for her to become one of Charles's women.

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