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   Chapter 470 A Talk with Charles's Legal Wife

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7835

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Charles tried to lower down his voice because he didn't want to disturb Linda's rest. But the tone of his voice was as cold as ice.

Sophia Liu got goosebumps all over her body as she heard Charles's words. She was so frightened that she dared not move, not even a little bit, and stayed standing on the floor. She had never heard Charles speak in such a threatening manner.

"Mr. Mu, I'm sorry. Sophia didn't do it on purpose. Please give her one more chance. Please?" Sophia was still in shock, so she didn't utter anything. Leo Liu, instead, opened his mouth to help Sophia beg for mercy.

"You have the nerve to apologize for her? You are her manager, yet you've failed to manage your artist's behaviour. You also have to pay for this. You didn't do your duty as her manager. Why did you let her sneak into my room?" Charles scolded Leo furiously.

"It's my fault. All my fault, " Leo bowed down and went on apologizing to Charles.

However, Charles's anger didn't subside. His eyes fumed with fury, and his face completely darkened. He was radiating a cold aura that pierced through Leo's bones. Then, he slightly moved his lips to speak, "Since it was all your fault, then I don't think you are capable enough to be her manager any more. You can quit now."

Leo's heart sank as he heard Charles's words.

He understood that Charles had meant that he was fired.

But as long as Sophia would be able to continue her career, he would accept the punishment. He would be fine even if he couldn't stay by Sophia's side. He would do anything he could to help Sophia. Leo took a glance at Sophia and then slowly closed his eyes. He had stayed by her side for so many years. And she had come this far in her career. It might be the right time for him to leave her. Leo was already getting tired of being with a woman who he deeply in love with but would never love him back.

"It had nothing to do with Leo. It was me who wanted to do it, " Sophia finally opened her mouth.

Not knowing why, when Sophia heard that Charles wanted to deprive Leo of his position as her manager, she felt distressed. Deep in her heart, she didn't want that to happen; she didn't want Leo to leave her.

In the past few years, Sophia thought she had always been so annoyed with Leo. He was such a busybody who usually intervened in her business.


ws about her and Charles was leaked out to the public, it would have a bad impact on both her career and Charles's company.

"I just want to have some girl talk with Sophia. What do you think I could do to her? Please go out. I won't hurt her, " Linda said patiently.

After hearing Linda's words, Sophia grinned with contempt.

'Is the legal wife going to negotiate with me? I bet she wants to frighten me away, ' thought Sophia.

Leo hesitated and looked at Linda with suspicion. But he still left the room in the end. He knew that Linda would want to talk Sophia into giving up her intentions on Charles. Leo also didn't want Sophia to get herself involved with Charles and to become a home-wrecker. He also believed that Linda wouldn't hurt Sophia.

The door was finally closed. Outside the room, Charles asked Paul to get another room in the hotel. He absolutely wouldn't step into this room again as Sophia had laid down naked on the bed. Since Linda was here, they wouldn't go back home tonight.

It wasn't good for a pregnant woman to travel a long way in a car late at night. Plus, Charles didn't want to risk Linda's life again and take a helicopter. They would just have to spend one more night here.

After the men had left, there were only three women left in the room now: Linda, Sophia, and Anna.

"Talk. What do you want from me? I can answer all of your questions. For example, how is everything going between Mr. Mu and I? Have I slept with Mr. Mu yet? Are these the questions you want to ask me about?" Sophia said aggressively.

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