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   Chapter 469 Do You Want to Hit Rock Bottom

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7387

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Without any weapons, Hanson's men were, of course, no match for the Mu Security Team. They became very scared after seeing the loaded guns pointing right at them.

They all started to raise their hands in surrender, which amused the Mu Security Team members.

Hanson became very angry, but also frightened. His face was red from all the emotions he was experiencing. Looking at Linda, he slightly raised his finger and pointed at Charles, saying, "You have to count on a woman to save your ass? You don't deserve to be a man! I didn't expect that the rich and powerful Young Master Mu is just a useless pussy."

"What do you mean by 'count on a woman'? You are bullying my husband, and I can't avenge him?" said Linda in a disdainful manner.

Hanson was also a clever man, and he realized that he couldn't win under such situation, so he waved his hand to his men and said, "Let's go."

Linda smiled and said, "No one can leave this place without my permission."

"You told us earlier that we can leave, but now you don't want us to go. Why did you go back on your word?" said Hanson angrily.

"I have changed my mind."

At the beginning, Linda wasn't intending to punish them, but they didn't leave when she had asked them to, so now she would not let them off easily. They had dared bully Charles, her husband.

How could such a fat man like Hanson be so loathsome to try to harm her man? Linda got very furious at the thought of it.

"What do you want us to do?"

Hanson laughed. They were in ZJ Province, so he didn't believe that Linda would really dare lay hands on them, especially since they were in his territory.

Linda turned her head and smiled at Charles. Then, she leaned against Charles comfortably and said, "Honey, how do you want to deal with them? Any ideas? He even dared bully you! I just can't tolerate that."

The Mu Security Team members smirked as they saw Linda acting cute while she talked with Charles. They thought that she was very interesting.

After calmly glancing at Hanson who had been creating trouble for him for the whole night, Charles spoke, "Mu Security Team!"

"Yes, sir!" The Mu Security Team members were all waiting for his order.

"Take H

's anxious expression. She was just joking. She believed that Charles would never cheat on her.

Then, she turned her head and looked at Sophia, "Where's your room? I can ask people to bring your clothes here."

"My room is next to this one, " replied Sophia.

Linda asked Anna to go to Sophia's room to fetch her clothes. After Anna brought the clothes to Sophia, all of them went out of the room and waited for Sophia to put her clothes on.

However, things were not as easy as that. Charles would not let Sophia off after figuring out her evil intentions.

Charles got very furious when he saw Sophia appear in his room. Moreover, Linda showed up out of blue when Sophia was on his bed, naked. If Linda had misunderstood him, he would have to explain and coax her for a long time.

Sophia had put on her clothes, and Leo came back to the hotel after a doctor helped him dress his wounds in the hospital.

Leo had only suffered some bruises. He was black and blue all over, but he was still very lucky because he wasn't badly hurt.

The room became extremely silent. Charles sat on a chair without saying anything, with Paul standing behind him. Linda was sitting on a sofa, resting her feet. She was pregnant, and she had rushed there from SH City, So she was really tired at the moment.

"Sophia, I think I've been too nice to you. Are you getting tired of your stellar singing career that you want to have a taste of how it feels to hit rock bottom?"

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