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   Chapter 468 Who Do you Think Your Boss Is

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7018

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Charles had been hearing good things about Leo, that he had been working hard for Sophia all the time. With this, Charles felt sorry for Leo when he saw him being beaten up.

"You are Charles Mu, right? You'd better shut up. Do you think you are in SH City? Do you have this city wrapped around your finger? I'll tell you this. You're here at ZJ Province, and it's my territory. If I were you, I'd think about how you'll get on my good side and beg me to release you. Otherwise, I will kill you."

Charles just flatly smiled and glanced at Hanson with a sullen, cold gaze.

"Do you want me to repeat it one more time? All of you, get out now, " said Charles, still calm.

"What? Say that again!" Hanson got very angry. He turned his attention from Sophia to Charles. He walked up to Charles, about to teach him a lesson.

However, when he raised his hand and was about to slap Charles, Charles hit Hanson with his fist.

Charles punched him very hard, which disfigured Hanson's face.

Charles guessed that the Mu Security Team would arrive within a minute, so he and Paul only needed to fight against them for the next 60 seconds.

The dragon ring on his finger glimmered under the light. Charles raised his hands and cracked his neck to the left and to the right. He did this warm-up exercise before fighting. He hadn't fought with others for a long time, and he wondered whether he had still had it or not.

"Why are you all standing still? Beat them to death, " Hanson said angrily, but he wasn't able to speak clearly.

His face was in great pain at that moment.

When Hanson's men saw that Hanson was hit, they kicked Leo to a corner and focused on Charles and Paul. More than ten men gathered around the two of them.

"How dare you hit our boss?" Ken said indignantly.

Charles didn't even bother talking with them. He just cracked his fingers and stood with an aggressive stance to provoke them. "Bring it!"

At that moment, the door of the elevator nearby opened. The woman inside it said in a mocking voice, "Who the hell is your boss? Why can't we hit him?"


Linda waved her hand.

Now that she saw that Charles was fine, Linda didn't want to bother punishing those men. Hanson had insisted on competing with Charles for a necklace during the auction. The price had gotten high, and Charles didn't want to buy it at that price, so the necklace had fallen into Hanson's hands. However, now, he wanted to get back at Charles because of that. He was such an unreasonable and despicable man.

Hanson suddenly laughed, but he winced right after, since his face was still in pain from the hit earlier.

"You bitch! Who do you think you are?"

Just now, Linda had asked the Mu Security Team members to wait outside the door. Thus, Hanson thought that Linda was alone.

He didn't expect that thirty members of the Mu Security Team was waiting outside the room at this moment.

"Shut your potty mouth, or I will cut off your tongue, " said Linda, annoyed.

"What an arrogant bastard! How dare you utter such insulting words?"

Charles slightly waved his hand, and the Mu Security Team members instantly got his point. They ran into the room and pointed guns at Hanson and his men. Hanson's men didn't have any weapons with them. They were so arrogant a few minutes ago only because they thought that they had a lot of men on their team. But now, they were frightened, especially when they saw that each member of the Mu Security Team was holding a gun.

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