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   Chapter 467 You All Can Get Out Now

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 8654

Updated: 2018-12-11 00:07

Even if Sophia was a singer under his entertainment company, Charles still didn't give a damn about her. He didn't even bother lifting a finger, for he wasn't planning on saving her at all at that moment. Since Sophia had such greedy and improper thoughts toward him, Charles thought that she deserved some sort of punishment.

Hanson Zhuang crawled into the bed and reached out his stubby hands to Sophia. He grabbed hold of the bath towel on Sophia's body and tried to pull it off. Sophia fiercely struggled to keep herself away from his hands. She didn't want him to touch her; the mere thought of his finger tips landing on her skin made her sick to her stomach. However, she was only wrapped in a bath towel. It was difficult for her to cover her body if she would move.

In the end, she failed to stop him from pulling her bath towel off, so it was taken off of her, exposing her naked body.

Upon seeing Sophia's fair and blemish-free skin, Hanson widened his eyes. He couldn't help but swallow his saliva. Hanson thought this would have been a good sight to see if only they weren't in such situation. He had invited Sophia to keep him company for several times, but she had always refused him. Now, she had put herself into an embarrassing situation. She was a really stupid woman who couldn't tell what was good or bad for her own.

"Charles Mu, why aren't you trying to save me? I am an artist of your company!" Sophia shouted at Charles again, once again trying her luck at getting saved.

"Charles Mu?" Hanson muttered the name as he turned his head to look at Charles. He suddenly felt that he had heard this name somewhere before.

Ken reminded Hanson, "Boss, is Charles Mu that woman's boss? I've heard that Sophia Liu is an artist of an entertainment company owned by the Mu's Group. And the CEO of the Mu's Group is called Charles Mu. He is very influential in SH City."

Hanson was surprised to hear Ken's words. Charles was Sophia's boss, so they were technically ganging up on him.

Hanson thought of the diamond necklace again. Sophia had wanted him to purchase that necklace. And the bidder who had competed against him was Sophia's boss. Hanson tried to analyse what was happening. Did they deliberately conspire with each other to trick him?

With that on his mind, Hanson got even more furious. His face turned bright red with rage. He gestured to his men behind him and instructed, "Take out all of your phones. Take photos of this bitch's naked body, and post them on Weibo, WeChat, and all other social media platforms!"

Hanson's men got excited

overing his belly with pain, Leo managed with his efforts to climb up and dart toward the bed, but he was kicked down again.

"Who are you? Don't you dare bother our boss! Get out now, " Ken yelled at Leo angrily.

"Leo... help me..."

Sophia's eyes were red with tears. She was so scared. Charles didn't even try to save her, and she was about to be defiled by Hanson. Sophia already felt so disgusted looking at his fat face, not to mention having sex with him. She couldn't even picture that terrible scene in her mind.

"Sophia, don't be afraid."

Leo took a great hit, but he still tried to comfort Sophia.

Hanson turned around to stare at Leo and sneered, "You want to be a hero?" He turned to his men and said, "Punch him! Punch him to death!"

Hanson hated people like Leo. 'Who does he think he is? How dare he want to try to save the day!'

Then, Hanson's men surrounded Leo. One of them violently kicked him. Instantly, Leo fell down on the floor, with his forehead bleeding. He wasn't able to move an inch, but in a haze, he kept muttering, "Sophia, don't be afraid... don't..."

Sophia felt very distressed to see it. But she didn't know what she should do. She could do nothing but huddle herself in a corner, trembling, trying to cover up her body with whatever she could grab.

Finally, Charles thought that this should end now. Sophia had already learned her lesson. He opened his mouth to stop them, "You all can get out now."

Charles estimated that the Mu Security Team would be arriving soon. He just wanted to teach Sophia a lesson through Hanson so as to make her behave from now on. But it didn't mean that he would really let Hanson bully his company's employees, especially Leo.

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