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   Chapter 466 He Was Married

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 9086

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Ken barked orders at his minions again, But no one dared to get closer to Charles. They were frightened. The man who had walked up to him was still lying on the ground, wailing in pain.

Charles gave Ken an icy look, which made Ken shiver. Suddenly, Ken became anxious.

He was scared by what Charles had done, and so he didn't want to act rashly.

The two parties had come to a deadlock, none of them making a move. Charles and Paul remained silent, glaring at the men standing around them, while Ken and his minions stood frozen as ice. Suddenly, the elevator door opened. It was Hanson. He rushed here directly from the auction's VIP room. At the first sight of Charles, he shouted immediately, "Son of a bitch, who do you think you are to make a fool of me? You'll be sorry for what you did."

Charles glanced at Hanson and didn't say a word, thinking that what had happened to him today served him perfectly right. Charles didn't want to argue with him as he knew of this type very well. He had dealt with men like him before. These people wanted to get their way with everything, and if they couldn't get what they wanted, they would take it out on someone else. Even though Hanson had gotten the diamond necklace, he had paid far beyond its real value, and he wasn't happy about that. Nevertheless, he was the one who had kept bidding up the price. Charles would actually rather had Hanson give up, so he could have gotten the necklace for Linda.

"You don't want to talk? Who do you think you are? It isn't too late to apologize now. Kneel down in front of me and beg for my forgiveness, or you'll be sorry for what you had done. I suggest you do it right now!"

Hanson got furious when he saw the smug look on Charles's face.

Inside Charles's deluxe VIP suite, Sophia was lying on the bed, waiting for Charles to come back. She was wearing nothing but a towel.

There was a glass of water on the table. Sophia had already put the drug in the water, and now she was thinking of how to make Charles drink it. The drug would make Charles want to have sex with her. It was the effect of the aphrodisiac. Having sex with Charles had always been Sophia's dream. If Charles did cross the line and had sex with her, it couldn't be undone. He wouldn't be able to deny it, and he had to be responsible for it.

Sophia was very confident about her sexy figure and skills in bed. She believed that if Charles would spend one night with her, he would immediately fall for her and stay with her. Men were lascivious. Satisfying their needs in bed would immediately change their attitudes.

Sophia had heard the noises outside the door, and she thought that it was just Charles. She was starting to feel nervous

up employee, and she should know the rules.

"Curling yourself up inside those sheets wouldn't change a thing. Let me teach you a lesson today, bitch! You think you can make a fool of me because you're a famous artist? You are very busy, right? You don't have any time to spare for me, huh?"

Hanson was gnashing his teeth. Those three questions he had just asked terrified Sophia. She had a feeling that Hanson wouldn't let her go easily today. Sophia knew that she had turned him down several times even though he had spent 300 million on her to endorse for his products.

She hadn't even agreed to have dinner with him, not even once.

Sophia didn't know what she should do now. She was afraid that Hanson would do something horrible to her, so she shouted as loud as she could, "Young Master Mu, please, help me! Help me!"

Charles was standing by the door, looking at her without any expression, which crept Sophia out. He gave her a look as cold as an iceberg, which worried Sophia.

Why wasn't he saying anything? Was he not going to help her?

All of a sudden, Hanson threw back the sheets with one sweep of his hand. Sophia let out a cry and tried to hold onto the sheets but she failed. She cowered on the bed and held the towel tight, shivering with fear, and tried to move to the corner of the bed slowly, but nothing could stop Hanson from coming after her.

He had already clambered into the bed.

Hanson was a fat, old man. He was crawling into the bed, his butt showing right in front of Charles, which disgusted him. But Charles still did nothing to stop him. Charles was hoping that Sophia would learn a few lessons from what she had done to try and seduce him. There should be some kind of punishment for climbing into his bed. He was married, so she shouldn't have done that.

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