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   Chapter 464 He Wants to Kill Me

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Sophia sat on the bed and put on her bathrobe again.

Leo's embarrassed expression amused Sophia. She also found it interesting when he ran away from her with red face to restrain his sexual desire.

In her life, only Leo was willing to keep her company. If Sophia hadn't entered the entertainment industry to be a singer and hadn't met Charles, she might have still been in a relationship with Leo.

However, Leo was not enough for Sophia since she didn't think he was worthy and attractive enough. She was eager to find a perfect man to prove the value of her existence.

This scenario had already happened several times, so Leo had gotten used to it even if he always ended up very disappointed. Sophia was merely seducing him for fun.

She didn't like him at all.

Thus, every time she did such thing to him, Leo wouldn't be surprised. He would just tell her to stop what she was doing to him.

If Sophia didn't listen to him and kept flirting, he would always rush to the bathroom and wash his face with cold water to calm himself down.

In this way, he would not look so embarrassed and silly in front of Sophia.

She was a famous celebrity, and he was just her agent.

She neither cared about him, nor had him in her heart anymore.

When Leo came out of the bathroom, Sophia said, "You are such a pussy."

Leo just kept silent, refusing to dwell on the topic any longer.

"Oh right. Have you prepared the thing I needed from you?" asked Sophia.

Although he wanted to shake his head and deny it, Leo finally nodded and replied, "Yes."

Then, he took a bottle from the table and gave it to Sophia. He seemed hesitant to say anything, but

He finally decided to speak up, "Have you already made up your mind? Are you really going to do it? I'm afraid this would only end badly. If Young Master Mu doesn't like you, he won't let you get away with it..."

"I'm not worried about him treating me badly as long as I would be able to get in his bed and become his woman. All men are like that..."

"But Young Master Mu has a wife now..."

"So? I'm not asking him to get a divorce. I am willing to

iginal room where Young Master Mu had stayed earlier today."

After she heard Paul, the staff immediately nodded and said respectfully, "The room is ready. You may go up there now."

While waiting for the elevator, Paul lowered his head and told Charles, "Young Master, we're not in a good situation. I found more suspicious people outside the hotel."

"Tell the Mu Security Team to come here within half an hour."

"Yes, Young Master."

The Mu Security Team was responsible for Charles's safety, and they were only summoned whenever Charles would be in danger. In general, no one could harm Charles, but today was different. He didn't bring enough guards and he certainly didn't expect that such accident would happen.

His phone suddenly rang again. He took out the phone and looked at it. Linda was calling him.

He answered the phone and heard Linda speak, "Honey, did you buy the necklace and that's why you dared not call me? You told me earlier that you would call me after the auction. But you didn't."

Charles smiled and touched his nose. He then said, "I didn't buy the necklace. You asked me to raise the price and let the other man lose money. That was exactly what I did. Now, I had gotten in trouble because I did what you had told me to do. He wants to kill me. What should I do?"

Linda burst into laughter upon hearing him. "How much did you let him spend on the necklace?" she asked.

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