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   Chapter 463 Get Out

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"Get out!" Hanson Zhuang yelled angrily.

For the woman, she felt like she was being liberated from this horrible man when he told her to leave. Ignoring the bleeding wound on her head, she immediately stood up from the floor and hastily walked out of the room.

"Boss, what should we do now?"

"Inform our men to stalk that group of people who just left. Find out where they are heading. Once they leave the boundary of ZJ province, stop them and bring them to me!" instructed Hanson.

"Boss, so are you going to..."

Hanson snorted and said, "I've been in the business circles for more than a decade. No one should be able to win against me."

Looking at their boss's angry face, Hanson's men suddenly felt sorry for Charles Mu. They thought that he wouldn't be able to survive because he was stupid enough to offend Hanson. Did he have a death wish?

Charles had already gotten in his car and was on his way back home. But then, Paul noticed that there were cars following behind them.

"Young Master, there have been two cars following us for some miles, " said Paul.

Charles calmly threw a glimpse at the cars behind and ordered, "Leave them alone."

"We don't have enough men with us right now. What should we do? I think they're looking for an opportunity to stop our car, " said Paul worriedly.

Chalres went silent.

He turned his head around and, with his bushy eyebrows furrowing, he looked at the cars behind them again. His eyes glimmered sharply like an eagle's.

Then, he told Paul, "Return to the hotel."

Charles indeed hadn't brought enough bodyguards with him, because he had only planned to attend the auction and go back to SH City soon after he had acquired the necklace.

But the plan changed, and Charles had tricked Hanson into buying the necklace for a sky-high price, without considering his instant and cruel revenge.

Paul nodded in agreement and asked the driver to send them back to the hotel.

"The men in the two cars are probably Hanson's men. That guy is too narrow-minded. If he couldn't afford to buy the necklace, why did he bid against us?" asked Paul.

"I'm sure he could pay the 200 million. He is just angry and wants to take it out on me."

"But he was the one who fought you for the necklace. He had continued bidding up to such a high price. And since he wanted the necklace, you gave it to him. Why would he get angry about that? I really can't

n a low voice, "Leo... Why won't you dare look at me?"

"Sophia, please don't be like this, " Leo said bashfully. Sophia's seductive voice instantly made Leo's cheeks blush crimson red.

"Why are you pretending to be shy? This is not your first time to see me like this. Be honest with me. Don't you want to have me?" Sophia said as she stood up from the chair. Then, she slowly untied her bathrobe.

Leo immediately closed his eyes. He didn't dare open them. He was afraid that he wouldn't be able to control his lust if he opened his eyes and saw the beauty of her body. He loved Sophia very much.

He loved her so much that he couldn't resist the thoughts of owning her body, too.

"I am not doing this, Sophia. Don't joke around. Put on your clothes now, " Leo said and lowered his head.

He could feel his hormones reacting to the scene.

However, Sophia didn't put her clothes on; instead, she slowly walked up to him. Then, she rested her arms on Leo's shoulders and said, "Are you even a man? Open your eyes now."

Leo took a deep breath, pushed her away, and ran straight to the toilet. He locked the door and turned on the tap. Then, Leo washed his face with the cold water until he felt better.

Sophia did it again. Every time she was happy, she would tease Leo and take off all of her clothes in front of him.

But every time Leo thought that Sophia was serious and he could have her, Sophia would immediately disappoint him, telling him that it was only a joke.

Leo shook his head helplessly and mocked himself in his mind, 'She is so beautiful and perfect. I don't deserve her.'

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