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   Chapter 462 Many Woman Were Ruined in His Hands

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Paul suddenly realized what had happened.

"Young Master, was this evil scheme of yours... taught by Lady Linda?" Paul snickered on the side, but he had already arranged everything and sent someone over to the next VIP room to enforce some trash talk.

He also told his underling that he didn't need to be nice when confronting the person in the next room.

That person knew what Paul had meant by "not being nice". However, his nerves got the best of him when he set foot on the doorway, so he just warned the people inside without leaving the entrance. He didn't want to go inside. What if they held him hostage?

Whoever was in there was a successful business man, and he was not capable of fighting against such powerful men. It would do him good to return to Charles as soon as he had finished his mission. Charles would keep him safe for sure.

He shouted at the people inside from the doorway, "Sir, our boss will take that necklace. You could save yourself from all your efforts. Besides, you couldn't beat our boss in the auction. You are definitely no match with him in terms of wealth. So you'd better give it up!"

Hanson was agitated by his words.

'What did he mean by I am definitely no match with his boss in terms of wealth? No one in this province could ever compete with me in terms of assets and power.'

At least... no one to his knowledge.

"Go and seize that guy. How dare he speak to our boss in such a disrespectful manner?" one of Hanson's main bodyguards said angrily.

Charles's man, on the other hand, had left the site rapidly. He was not so dumb as to stand still and wait to get caught. He had run back swiftly, losing the men behind him.

"Forget it. That man is probably just a coward who has nothing but a few aggressive words to show. No one in this place would dare fight me. I will teach him a lesson. We could start bidding up unreasonably and compete with him. He wants that necklace so much? Maybe I should help him get it."

Hanson chuckled, making his fat body shake.

He reached out one of his hands and moved his fingers. The woman behind him knew what he was asking for, so she then handed him a cigar and lit it for him obediently.

Hanson pulled

woman a necklace.

Let alone someone he had yet to get...

It definitely was not a good bargain. He was a businessman. He knew that it was not worth it.

However, the auction was over, and his bid was the highest. He was done for.

"Shit! Have someone check the identity of the man in the next room." Hanson's face darkened as grave as it can be.

"Sir, the identity of the bidder is highly confidential. We don't know how to trace that person." His underlings by his side were already frightened to death. They had never seen such a grim face on their boss. This time, he must have suffered a great loss.

Hanson was a capricious man. If they failed to settle this matter, they would have it hard when they leave the auction site.

"You don't know how? If you don't know how, just pull the trigger and send yourself to heaven. Don't come back to me until you've found something. Get lost." Hanson was certainly on the verge of explosion.

"Yes, sir. Yes, I will work on it immediately. Please don't get mad at me."

He was still sitting in his box even after the auctioneer had called him three times. He succumbed to his rage and shoved the woman in his arms to the floor.

The woman hit her head on the side table, but she had to bear the intolerable pain and make no sound even though she didn't do anything wrong.

She dared not cry out in pain. Hanson would kill her if she tried to go against his will.

Many women had died in the hands of Hanson.

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