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   Chapter 461 Lady Linda Will Get Angry

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"I don't know. I suppose it must be some local wealthy businessman. I wonder why he is willing to bid 120 million for a necklace."

Hanson didn't have the same reason as Charles's.

Charles wanted the necklace because it was called Lin-Cha, and that was a meaningful coincidence. He was going to give it to Linda to make her happy. So he wondered why another man was so eager to get it.

"Don't think too much. You can compete with him. After all, I don't want that necklace. After you raise the price one last time, you can give up on it. In this way, that man would have to pay a lot of money for it. And it will be a great loss for him, "

Said Linda mischievously.

"Honey, you are so wicked." Charles smiled, raising a corner of his lips. He really loved how smart Linda was. He found it very interesting when she came up with bright ideas to play tricks on others.

"Of course. I've stayed with you all this time, so I have already been influenced by you."

She also took the chance to blame Charles when she spoke to him.

The man sent by Hanson still stood at the door. He saw that Charles was still talking on the phone, but the emcee on the stage was about to set the hammer price. He was getting even more anxious, trying to enter the room to look for Charles. However, he was stopped by the bodyguards at the door. Charles had noticed that something was happening outside the room. He then said, "Honey, someone is at the door, and I don't know what he wants. I have to go and check it out. I will call you after the auction."

"Okay. Come back early tomorrow... I miss you so much..."

After he had hung up the phone, Charles waved towards his bodyguards at the door and asked them to let the man inside.

The man sent by Hanson finally entered the room. He glanced at Charles for a little while, but he didn't recognize him. He spoke, "Sir, my boss asked me to come here to tell you that he really wants the diamond necklace. He is going to give it to a woman whom he wants to chase. Could you please give him this chance to buy the necklace? If you continue raising the price, the organisers of the auction will gain extra profits. Neither of us can benefit from that."

"Oh, really? But I also want to get this necklace and give it as a present for

lling to offer and that it is useless for him to bid us up."

Paul frowned after hearing him. "Young Master, the price we're offering is much higher than the necklace's value. We should stop competing with Hanson. It doesn't seem to be worth it. Besides, Lady Linda will get angry if she finds out."

When Charles was talking with Linda on the phone just now, Paul could only hear what Charles was saying, without knowing what Linda had said. He had heard Charles saying that he will not buy the necklace anymore, so he was confused as to why Charles was asking him to tell Hanson that he would continue fighting for it. He wondered if Charles still wanted to get the necklace and give it to Linda.

Charles just slightly smiled and said, "I thought you were loyal to me, Paul. Apparently, your loyalty is with Linda now."

Paul saw that Charles didn't look angry, so he knew that he was just joking. Since Charles loved Linda so much, he would not get annoyed because Paul now showed some loyalty to Linda. Paul then said, "I said those words just because I know that Lady Linda doesn't like expensive jewelry such as this diamond necklace. After all, the current price is already 150 million which is far beyond it's actual value."

"I don't intend to buy the necklace anymore, but that doesn't mean I will make it easy for that Hanson guy. That's why I'm asking you to send people to tell him what I had asked you to. Tell our men that they don't have to be nice to him; instead, they should infuriate him..."

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