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   Chapter 460 Who Dares Bid against You

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7321

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Charles wondered who had the power and wealth to bid up the price to 95 million. It wasn't a small amount of money for a necklace. A common businessman wouldn't be able to afford it at a time.

Charles raised his hand to beckon Paul. Paul understood and went to raise the number plate, bidding up the price. The price was already over 100 million. The organisers of the auction were getting excited about it. The original value of the necklace was only around 80 million. If the price would keep going up, they would be able to receive a large bonus from it.

The emcee said, "The bidder in the VIP Room 1 has raised to 100 million. Anyone else?"

At this moment, in the adjacent VIP room, Hanson Zhuang was smoking a cigar. He flicked the ash off it with his slightly trembling fingers. It was already a high price even for him. If he continued to raise the price, it would be beyond his ability to afford it. He hesitated and wondered if it was worth buying this necklace for a mere female singer.

But Hanson would feel disgraced if he couldn't get this necklace, because he had made the promise. He wouldn't have the pride to invite Sophia Liu for dinner, neither could he sleep with that sexy woman.

Was she worth this big amount of money? After moments of thinking, Hanson felt that his self-esteem was more important than the cost of the diamond necklace.

So Hanson took a long drag from his cigar, swirled the smoke within his mouth, and bid up the price to 110 million.

Charles signalled Paul with his eyes after he saw the rival bid up the price. He asked Paul to add 10 million.

This amount wasn't a big deal for Charles. He just wanted to give Linda a big surprise. He had to purchase this necklace today.

"Who is the guy in the VIP room next door? How dare he compete against me?"

Hanson said angrily as he heard the bidder next door raise the price again. The price was already 120 million now. It was far above the original value of the necklace. If they went on bidding against each other, the auctioneers would be having the last laugh. But Hanson really wanted to get this necklace.

The identity of every bidder in the VIP rooms was confidential, so

re when she heard that the name of the necklace was Lin-Cha.

And, indeed, Linda heard the name and understood. She told Charles, "Honey, you know that I don't like these things. You don't need to buy it for me."

"Honey, the necklace is called Lin-Cha. Don't you think it's meaningful for us? It's such a coincidence to have both your name and mine in it. I think you deserve to own it, " explained Charles. He massaged his temples and, in his mind, he had already cursed the emcee so many times. Why did he have to speak out the name of the necklace? Now, even if he was able to purchase it, it wouldn't be a surprise anymore. Linda might even get angry instead.

His wife was different from any other women.

"The name of the necklace is Lin-Cha, but it is just a name. It doesn't mean that I like it or want to own it, right?"

Linda insisted that she didn't want it. Charles had to stop arguing with her. He understood that she didn't like exorbitant things such as this.

"Honey, fine. Anyway, someone is competing against me for this necklace. The price is already much higher than its real value. Since you don't like it, then I won't bid it anymore, " said Charles.

Linda was enjoying her dinner while she was talking with Charles on the phone. When she heard Charles say that there was someone competing against him, she immediately thought of an evil but clever idea.

"Who's that? Who dares bid against you?" asked Linda curiously.

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