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   Chapter 459 Who Was Raising The Price

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7475

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After hearing what Leo had said angrily, Sophia's voice softened as she spoke to him.

"How could you be so reckless? You are a top celebrity now, so you shouldn't do things that could destroy your reputation, " Leo said in a serious tone. He didn't like it when Sophia would say such things, such as sleeping with a boss.

Sophia got a bit impatient as she saw Leo looking furious and talking to her with reproach.

"Fine, fine. I was just kidding. You don't have to talk to me in that tone. Now, I need to put on make-up and get dressed. Isn't the rehearsal starting at 5:00 PM? But you must help me relay Mr. Zhuang the message. Tell him that I really want that thirty-carat diamond necklace..."

Disappointed, Leo shook his head. He then left hopelessly after telling the make-up artist to continue having Sophia's make-up done.

Since he was unwilling to tell Hanson Sophia's message himself, he sent another person to look for Hanson. Hanson only went to the jewelry auction because he had found out that Sophia would be there as well. Otherwise, he would not be interested in attending it in the first place.

He knew that Sophia would be the honored guest who was responsible for the opening number, so he went there, hoping that he could run into her and have a good time with her.

In the VIP room downstairs

A fat man was smoking an expensive cigar. He took a deep drag on the cigar and then slowly blew out smoke rings. It was apparent that he was a wealthy man with a high social status.

"Mr. Zhuang, Miss Sophia had to take part in the rehearsal at 5:00 PM, so she couldn't make the time to meet you now, "

Said a man next to him politely.

"What? She isn't willing to see me? How could she be so stuck-up and arrogant?"

"She is really busy at the moment. I can tell her to meet with you after the auction is over. But... she seems to be very interested in a certain thirty-carat diamond necklace..."

"Wait a second. Are you sure that she is really interested in that diamond necklace?"

"Yes. I also heard Miss Sophia say that the diamond necklace is very beautiful, and she wants to own it so badly..."

Hanson gave out a heart chuckle; the fat around his face shook. After taking another dr

necklace shone with brilliance and elegance.

The emcee did the honors of the introduction.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is the last item to be auctioned tonight. It is a thirty-carat diamond necklace called Lin-Cha."

The bidding started after the emcee gave a brief remark about the necklace again.

The base price was 20 million, which was not that high. Since the people who attended the auction tonight were wealthy, they certainly wouldn't get it at such a low price. The low base price of the necklace was just a stunt to attract people's attention.

After the auction began, Charles asked Paul to raise the paddle and make a bid at 30 million.

The price kept going on and on. Charles had prepared about 90 million for the necklace, so he wasn't anxious because the price hasn't reached that price yet.

The others continued placing higher bids with the price increasing by one million each time. At last, Charles ended up increasing the price to 90 million.

After Charles made the bid, the auction house went silent for a little while. When he was about to close the deal, someone in the adjoining room raised the price, "95 million!"

Charles frowned and wondered who was raising the price and competing with him for the necklace. In fact, the reasonable hammer price of this necklace was at about 80 million, so the bidder who would continue to increase the price would have overpaid. No one, at this price, would be in their right mind to still compete for it.

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