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   Chapter 458 Couldn't You Have A Bit Of Self-respect

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Paul's words made Charles feel relieved. He really had to get this thirty-carat diamond necklace because he thought that only his wife deserved it.

No other woman but Linda was suitable to wear this diamond necklace. That was why Charles was willing to attend this auction. He didn't know that Sophia Liu was also invited to the auction as a special guest for the opening. But even she was there, Charles wouldn't have to do anything different for her sake. Anyway, she had nothing to do with him.

Charles, of course, knew of Sophia's intentions. He had met a lot of women who was exactly like Sophia.

Many upper class girls had tried all kinds of means to slip into his bed. But he had managed to throw them out of his room.

With his experience, Charles was confident that Sophia would not succeed, either. Her efforts to get him would all be in vain at the end.

At three o'clock in the afternoon, Leo Liu went to Sophia's room. He knocked on her door and said, "Sophia, time to get up and have your make-up done now."

Leo had waited for a long while before the door was finally opened. With a pair of sleepy eyes, Sophia looked at Leo and the make-up artist who were both standing at the doorstep. She was furious, so she scolded them, "I haven't had enough sleep. You guys are so noisy!"

The make-up artist was frightened by her anger, but he didn't dare say anything to retort, nor did he dare enter the room without Sophia's permission. This job was his main source of income, so he couldn't offend Sophia. He couldn't do anything but to wait for Leo's instructions. Leo had already gotten used to Sophia's temper, so he tried to persuade her, "Sophia, you should get up now. You have to get dressed and finish your make-up before 5:00 PM. You are attending this jewelry auction's opening ceremony as the main singer..."

"I know. No need to remind me of that, " said Sophia impatiently.

"Mr. Zhuang, the Zhuang Group's boss, would also attend this auction. He is in the lobby of the hotel now. He wants to see you... What do you think?" asked Leo.

"Mr. Zhuang? Which one?"

"Hanson Zhuang."

Sophia rolled her eyes with contempt as she heard the name. She said, "Hanson Zhuang? No way. I don't want to meet with him."

"You'd better see him at least once. After all, he's the sponsor of some of your commercial advertisements. If you offend him, you might lose some o

to purchase a necklace for his wife? Linda Xia is Charles Mu's legal wife. They have registered their marriage, and they have held a wedding ceremony. The whole city knows about it. Why won't you give up all your meaningless behaviour? I suggest that you should have some foresight and look toward the future!" said Leo.

Sophia wasn't convinced by Leo's words. She slammed her hand on the table and said, "Go downstairs, and ask Mr. Zhuang to come here. Tell him that I want the thirty-carat diamond necklace. If he succeeds in acquiring the necklace in the auction, I'll sleep with him for one night. Go now. Just repeat my words to him!"

Leo felt so sad and shocked to hear Sophia's words. The entertainment industry was a melange of all kinds of complicated things and people, but Leo had always protected Sophia well, so she hadn't gotten defiled by anyone. She never needed to sleep with any of the big bosses to get a job. It couldn't happen to her because he wouldn't let it.

But now, she was willing to sleep with Mr. Zhuang, someone who had a big and fat belly, in order to fight for a diamond necklace with Charles's wife. Leo was very disappointed.

"Sophia, couldn't you have a bit of self-respect?" Leo confronted her angrily.

After a moment, Sophia began to cool down. She looked at Leo and slowly opened her mouth to say, "I won't really sleep with him. You can try to tell him that in an ambiguous way. Use some manipulation tactics. Tell Mr. Zhuang that I will keep him company if he could get the necklace for me. If he does, then I will just accompany him for dinner."

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