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   Chapter 456 Do You Want To Be A Mistress

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Sophia reflexively placed her hands on Charles's arm while she was speaking.

As Sophia got closer, the scent of her perfume was so strong that Charles could hardly breathe. Charles couldn't stand both Sophia's nauseating fragrance and her shameless actions.

"Who do you think you are to call me 'Charles'? Paul, see to it that she learns the rules and knows how to behave."

Right after he finished speaking, Charles swayed his arm and shook off Sophia's hands, and then he went straight into his car and closed the door. Sophia tried to open the door and get in the car, only to find that it was locked.

Paul walked to Sophia's side, looking straight into Sophia's eyes, and said in a polite but firm manner, "Miss Liu, all the staff in the Mu's Group should address our Young Master as Mr. Mu, including you."

"Why? I'm not just any employee. I'm Sophia Liu. I'm his friend. How is calling him Charles inappropriate?" Sophia hadn't seen Charles for a while. She didn't expect that Charles would treat her like this, especially now that she was a very popular celebrity garnering much revenue for the Mu's Group's entertainment company. Many wealthy businessmen were eager to have dinner with her, but they couldn't even get the chance to meet her. She felt really upset that Charles wouldn't even let her into his car.

Several companies had approached her to sign her on. The reason why she was still under one of the entertainment companies of the Mu's Group was that she had made it this far with Charles's company's help and that she really liked Charles. In fact, many businessmen had shown their willingness to pay the expensive penalty for her if she ever agreed to leave the Mu's Group.

The companies were willing to do this for her because they thought that Sophia was very talented and wanted to grow her career to earn more money. However, some of them only wanted to take advantage of Sophia and let her sleep with wealthy businessmen to make more money out of her.

But Sophia didn't even consider any of the offers because

She wanted to stay in the Mu's Group and around Charles.

"Young Master has stated that you and he aren't friends. If I were you, I would call him Mr. Mu or Young Master Mu from now on, " said Paul. Then, he started walking straight to the driver seat. Paul didn't want to have anything to do with Sophia, so he simply told her what she should do. Since Charles had already clearly defined his professional relationship with Sophia, Paul just wanted to let her understand that she was no more than a mere employee to Charles.

"What if I insist on calling him '

ing, but Leo took the cigarette from her immediately and said, "You're not feeling well. You can't smoke."

"Who do you think you are? Leave me alone, " Sophia resisted. She pushed Leo away, snatched the cigarette back from his hand, and continued dragging on the cigarette. After she took a big drag, she exhaled the smoke slowly. She looked very sexy when she blew rings of smoke with her red lips.

"Sophia..." Leo wanted to stopped her again.

"Oh right, have you gotten the drugs? I've asked you to get some for me last time, " asked Sophia suddenly.

"Drugs? What drugs?"

"Don't play dumb with me. I know you know what I'm talking about. I've asked you to get me some drugs. The kind that will drive a man horny, " Sophia said impatiently.

In fact, Leo had already gotten the drugs from someone, but he didn't want to give them to Sophia. He was afraid that she would do something that she would later regret. If she did something irreversible, she could lose her career, and even her life.

Everyone knew that Charles was decisive and ruthless in business, and he wouldn't give a second chance to someone who had hurt him. Cheating him into having sex wouldn't be a good idea. Since Charles loved Linda so much, Leo couldn't imagine what Charles would do if Charles found out about what Sophia was up to. Charles had never fallen for any woman but Linda, and he wouldn't do anything that would hurt her.

"Yes, but..."

"Do you have it with you now? Just give it to me."

"Tell me what do you want to do with the drugs first. Stop doing stupid things. Young Master Mu will never fall in love with you. If he finds out about this, your career will be ruined. Now that he is married, do you really want to be a mistress?"

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