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   Chapter 455 What Did You Call Me

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"There is nothing we can do to settle this long-running family feud. Don't beat yourself up over this, " Charles told Linda while gently stroking her hair.

Linda positioned her head cozily on Charles's lap while having a nice little chat with him.

Paul didn't want to bother them upon seeing that sweet scene, so he went out. Linda hadn't spent much Charles for a while because he was too busy. And absence did make the heart grow fonder.

"Honey, our babies are coming. Have you thought about what their names would be? We are going to have twins!" Linda was brimming with happiness as she thought of her babies, yet she was also worried. It was already nerve wracking to have one baby coming because raising a child well wasn't an easy job, but she was expecting twins! She wondered which baby would get a peek of the world first. No matter who came out first, Linda and Charles would love him or her as equally as the younger one for they were both their beloved babies.

"We don't have to rush it. Their names can be chosen after they would be born. When that time comes, we also need to consult our parents and our genealogy for their names. How about we give them pet names first?" Charles said as he grinned. He was glowing with parental love at the mention of his twins.

Perhaps, he was more eager than Linda to see them. That's why he was busy dealing with company affairs these days. In this way, he would be able to stay with Linda when she would be in labor and accompany her after the babies were born. He wanted to give her the greatest sense of security.

It was said that postpartum depression was pretty common after delivery, so he wanted to make sure that Linda wouldn't catch the emotional blues.

As for the pet names of their children, they still wanted to give it another thought.

After all, their pet names would probably follow them all through their childhood. What if they were no good and their twins would blame them for their lame names?

Charles patted Linda'

e glanced at the time and strode downstairs when they were about to leave.

Paul was not surprised by Charles's answer. That was why he had turned down Sophia's agent who directly went to him this morning to ask him if Sophia could go to ZJ Province with Charles. He already knew that the Charles would never go together with Sophia.

He only asked him because Sophia's agent requested him to.

When they reached the parking lot, Charles was ready to get on his car when he saw a woman waiting near the car.

In a daring sleeveless top and short shorts, the woman wore high heels and sunglasses; her hair hung loosely on her shoulders. She exuded an air of sex appeal.

"Charles, here you are. I have waited you for a long time."

Sophia missed a heartbeat upon seeing Charles, and she couldn't restrain her excitement. Her heartbeat always quickened with him around.

She had vowed to get Charles to be with her, for he was such a capable and successful man.

"What did you call me?"

Charles looked at her with a serious frown.

"Charles. What's wrong with that?" Sophia was playing dumb. How could she not notice his frown? But she wanted to approach him; so to achieve that, she had to play some tricks. Even if Charles was a cold-hearted person, she believed that she could be able to warm him up as time went by.

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