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   Chapter 453 Got the University Offer

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 6499

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During the time she was living in the villa with Linda Xia, Emily Wang had changed a lot. She gradually became more lively and more confident, as opposed to how timid and insecure she was before.

Perhaps, family circumstances were indeed influential on the development of one's personality. Emily Wang's insecurity was partly a consequence of her time spent growing up with her uncle and aunt who didn't care about her.

Emily Wang's uncle and aunt were unkind to her when she lived with them.

They treated her as a burden that they couldn't get rid of.

On the contrary, Linda Xia regarded her as a good friend during the time Emily was living with her.

"Tomorrow, I will make you a soup with some spareribs! Spareribs contain numerous calcium phosphates, bone collagens, and proteins, which are good for your health, " said Emily Wang.

Linda Xia was amused. She didn't know that those nutrients existed in spareribs. All she knew was that spareribs soup was a delectable dish, especially when the meat was fresh and tender. Linda Xia was delighted at the thought of having some spareribs soup tomorrow.

"Emily, why haven't you received any university offers, yet? It's been quite a long time, " asked Linda Xia while having the fungus soup that Anna Xu had made.

"I have no idea, " said Emily Wang, "but it should arrive today."

Just as Emily Wang finished her words, a servant came in and reported to Linda Xia, "My Lady, we have just received an express delivery mail with Emily Wang's name on it." It was Emily Wang's university offer. Speak of the devil!

Linda Xia knew that Emily Wang didn't want to go back home with her uncle and aunt, even just to fetch the mail, so she told her to write down the address of the Mu's villa, instead of her uncle's place, when filling in the address where her offers would be sent to. She could continue staying at the villa, while waiting for her offer, and then she could go st

. How Charles Mu felt about her existence was very important to her, for she didn't want to cause any trouble to him. She would rather move out than be a burden to someone else again.

More importantly, she didn't want to cause any distress to Linda Xia by intruding in their personal life.

Anna Xu laughed as Emily Wang spoke. "Emily, " said Anna Xu, "you are indeed overthinking. That's how the Young Master is. He treats everyone that way. He never even spares a glimpse to other people because all he see is Lady Linda. You should be worried if he treats you differently."

"Exactly, Anna is right. I will get mad if Charles 'likes' you, " said Linda Xia jokingly.

"No, I didn't mean that, " Emily Wang explained anxiously, "I was just worried about interrupting your life. Don't tease me like that, please."

Emily Wang was the youngest among them all; she was barely 18 years old. She was even younger than Lily Jiang who would soon graduate from college.

Linda Xia knew that Emily Wang had had a difficult life for the first eighteen years of her life, but she hoped that Emily could put the past behind and find her own happiness from now on. Linda Xia believed that Emily Wang was a nice girl and that she would make significant contributions to the society in the future.

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