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   Chapter 452 Let Me Be the Bad Guy

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The first therapy went smoothly. The therapist simply gave her some medicines to help her control her addiction. The medicines also served as a psychological manipulator so that she would not crave for a drug injection the next day.

After the therapist had left, Lisa asked in a worried tone, "Brother, is the doctor reliable?"

Vincent tapped her on her head and smiled. "What's on your mind? Don't you believe me?"

"I just have a feeling that he is not our ally, " Lisa told him her concern. If there was someone whom she could believe in, it was no one but Vincent. She never worried about being betrayed by him. If he didn't want to help her, then he would never have risked his life to kidnap Linda to find Lisa. For Vincent, Lisa was more important than any other person he could think of.

"Don't worry. It doesn't matter how he seemed like. Just keep in mind that a dead body doesn't talk."

Lisa immediately understood what he had meant. The therapist would be killed after he successfully helped her cure her addiction.

"I'm so relieved. I am proud of you, dear brother. I would never have thought of that! I guess we'd better get going now."

"Lisa, as your brother, I hope you can stay away from all these awful things forever. Let me be the bad guy and do all the dirty works for you, okay?''

"Thank you very much, brother."

They hurriedly returned home. After a quick talk in Vincent's room, Lisa went back to Robert immediately, who was sleeping soundly because of the sleeping pills.

But Alice caught a glimpse of Lisa walking out of Vincent's room when she went to the toilet. With her mouth opened wide, she was surprised. She hurriedly rubbed her eyes in order to see whether Lisa had actually come out of Vincent's room or not. In Alice's eyes, she saw Linda came out of Adam's room in the middle of the night. One of them was Robert's wife and the other his brother. It was really shocking and she did see it.

She couldn't believe her own eyes. She opened her eyes wider this time an

rent climate left them nothing better to do than to stay inside the cozy and comfortable room with AC on.

Anna, who was following Charles's instructions, had been taking good care of Linda. Emily, who had just finished her college entrance exam, would stay here with Linda for two more months until she went to college. And Lily, who was having her summer vacation, came here to accompany Linda. Charles was more than happy to see the three girls keep his lovely wife occupied. He knew that she was bored during her pregnancy.

Anna looked at the clock. It was already 3 p.m. now. It was time for Linda to have the white fungus broth, which she had asked servants to stew.

"My Lady, please have a rest and have a bowl of white fungus broth."

Every afternoon, Anna prepared different nutritious food for Linda, who frequently felt hungry. Three meals a day were not enough for her now. Before her pregnancy, she had already loved eating, but now that she had two mouths more to feed, she was more craving for delicious food. However, she was not knowledgeable about what she should not eat for the health of her baby. The baby in her tummy was 8 months old now. In two months, she would go into labor, so she had to take particularly good care of it.


"What smells so good? I would like to have a bite!" Emily said with a smile.

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