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   Chapter 451 Therapy

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"I will try. But it won't be easy to help her get out... I might get exposed if I do so. It seems that Charles has talked to the people in charge of the jail. All guards always keep a close eye on May. It's even risky for us to visit her these days."

"You'd better not to be identified by them. Otherwise..."

A murderous expression flickered over Vincent's face. He didn't mind murdering Linda in a cruel way. According to his recent investigation, the baby in her tummy was currently 7 months old, and she is going to go into labor very soon...

He thought that he would manage to kill her before she could give birth to that baby.

Even though he was following Linda's routine very closely, he hadn't found the proper timing to take any action because the Mu's villa was so heavily guarded. He could not send anyone in...

So what better time could there be for him to start his evil plan than when Linda was on her way to the hospital?

But he had to be patient. Linda still had one or two months before the baby would come out. During this period of time, the most important thing was to help Lisa get rid of her drug addiction. That was his priority now. He wanted her to be able to give birth to a baby for Robert and lead a better life. This scenario was the most ideal for the both of them, and he was hoping for the best.

The two talked for a few more minutes, updating each other about what was happening in their lives during the past few months. Also, Lisa told Vincent about Adam's routines and habits in detail, so Vincent could better imitate Adam.

Robert found that there was nothing serious happening in the company. He was happy to see that Adam was actually managing it quite well.

He had been worried that Adam would not be capable of administering the whole company alone, especially since their parents were spending their retirement years travelling around the world. Robert always felt that this company should never ever be ruined by him nor by Adam. But now he was relieved. Adam didn't fail his expectations.

Alice went back right after she bought the stuff for

. Later, Vincent and Lisa had also reached an agreement.

Robert and Lisa had been sleeping on the same bed, so it would be difficult for her to receive her first therapy at night. She, therefore, had to make Robert drink some water with sleeping pills dissolved in it, and then she would go to Vincent's room, where the secret passage hid after Robert would fall asleep. The therapist from the rehabilitation center was already waiting for them at the place they had arranged to meet. It was the first time that they would meet him, and they couldn't completely trust him, so they chose to meet at a secret place deep in the night. But later, when their treatment plan was settled, she would find an afternoon or another time when Robert was away from home to meet the therapist.

Vincent introduced Lisa and the therapist to each other.

Lisa looked at the doctor up and down while the doctor was staring at her, too.

"Are you the Lady from the Mu clan?"

Vincent stopped him with a cough the moment he asked the question. "Shut your mouth. We'll let you know what you have to know. The job pays well enough, right?"

"Yes, yes... Please ignore my question..." The doctor hurriedly lowered his head, but out of curiosity, he kept peeking at Lisa's face.

Lisa was a little worried. The doctor seemed to have met her, or more precisely, the real Linda before. Would he be a danger to them?

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