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   Chapter 449 Vincent Zhou Is Back

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7559

Updated: 2018-12-02 00:07

Robert Huo was sweetly fondling Lisa Xia's hands. He was elated at the moment because he was about to marry his beloved and be with her for the rest of his life.

However... little did he know that the beautiful and kind woman in his arms was actually a devious, manipulative one who looked identical to Linda Xia...

Even though they had the exact same face, the both of them had totally different personalities. One was kind-hearted while the other was wicked.

"Robert, will you promise me that we will never come back after we settle down abroad?" Lisa Xia asked with a faint smile. Even though she knew that it was Linda Xia whom Robert Huo really loved, she was willing to pretend to be Linda Xia in order to be with him.

She had no other choice than to bear the bitter-sweet pain of being with Robert Huo, a person who didn't love her at all.

"Sure, baby. It's all up to you, " said Robert Huo. It didn't matter where he would go or what he would do as long as he could be with Linda Xia. Anyway, he hated being constrained by his family business. He would rather travel around the world with Linda Xia and live a simple, happy life. His brother could manage their family business.

As for Lisa Xia, continuing to stay and live with anxiety would be dangerous for her because she had too many enemies here. If Robert Huo would announce their engagement, she would attract the unwanted attention of her enemies, and Robert Huo would most likely find out that she wasn't the real Linda Xia. If that was to happen, there would be serious consequences that she was never able to afford.

Moreover, Linda Xia was alive and had gone back to Charles Mu, and Lisa Xia didn't want her life to get entangled with Linda's.

There were only two ways Lisa Xia could get married to Robert Huo openly and in public- if Linda Xia were dead or when Lisa Xia was still pretending to be Linda. None of those could happen now.

Fortunately, she had decided to kill off Adam Huo and had Vincent Zhou take his place. Now, she wasn't living in fear any more, and she actually had a bright future ahead of her. The first thing she would do upon returning to China was to get May Shen out of prison and take her abroad with her. Vincent Zhou would stay in China to r

r help to handle some problems in the company. You know that I've never dealt with the business before, so I am not capable enough to manage the whole company, yet. Also, the board is asking for your presence. Can you go to the company later?" Vincent Zhou told Robert Huo after dinner.

Robert Huo felt guilty about it. Months ago, he just packed up his stuff and left with Linda Xia, without saying goodbye to Adam Huo. When they had arrived in Maldives, they just sent him an email to tell him of their leave. They didn't even gave him the courtesy of a call and simply left all the pressure on him. "Sure, I will go to the company now, " said Robert Huo.

Before he set out, he had reminded Lisa Xia to have a good rest after their tedious, tiring trip.

Actually, there was nothing wrong with the company. With Vincent Zhou's talent in business management, everything was in order.

He just wanted to have some time alone with Lisa Xia. They needed to discuss their future plans.

"Alice, " Lisa Xia told the maid as soon as Robert Huo had left, "can you buy me some plum candies? I suddenly want to have some."

Of course, Alice Mei had to agree. How could a servant disobey her employer?

They lived in the suburbs, so Alice Mei had to drive to the city centre to buy the specific kind of candy that Lisa Xia wanted. This would allow Lisa Xia and Vincent Zhou to have at least twenty minutes alone in the villa. With this short time, they could map out what they would do moving forward.

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