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   Chapter 448 I Will Always Be With You

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 6955

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After hearing what Emily Wang had said, Linda Xia finally felt relieved.

Based on what he had done, Jerome Liu was a despicable monster, unworthy of becoming a teacher.

"My Lady, Young Master is home." As Linda was about to say something more to Emily Wang, a servant came in and informed her that Charles Mu had come back.

Emily Wang turned around, wondering how Ms. Xia's husband looked like, and upon seeing him, she was overwhelmed by Charles Mu's charming appearance.

He was so handsome! Ms. Xia's husband was actually a real-life Prince Charming!

Emily Wang thought that all rich men were short, fat, and ugly, so she couldn't believe that such a wealthy, handsome man like Charles Mu really existed.

"Ms. Xia, is he your husband? Your husband is such a good-looking man!"

Staring at Charles Mu with curious eyes, Emily Wang suddenly felt a waft of familiarity. She thought that she might have met him somewhere before...

"Welcome back, honey. I'm starving. Let's have dinner, " Linda Xia said as she waved to Charles Mu.

Charles Mu nodded at her and quickly glanced at Emily Wang. Then, after taking off his coat, he sat down next to Linda Xia.

"This is Emily, a student from my school. Her parents passed away when she was very young, so ever since her parents' deaths, she had lived with her vile and wretched uncle and aunt, so I brought her home with me. She will take the college entrance exam next month!"

"I see, honey, " said Charles Mu. He regarded her as the queen of the house, and he never intervened in whatever she wanted to do. That included hosting a guest in their home and having said guest stay with them.

Charles Mu had been worried about Linda Xia feeling lonely after Bun had left. Even though Anna Xu was still here, she wasn't as close to Linda Xia as Bun was. She was a doctor, and she didn't have much common interests with Linda Xia.

Emily Wang stared at Charles Mu for quite a while, and it finally dawned on her that Linda Xia's husband was the boss of the Mu's Group. She remembered seeing him on a business ch


"It's okay, baby. I love spending time with you. I hope this trip had cheered you up and cleared your mind. Let's get married when we get home, all right? I'll publicly announce our engagement to the world and tell everyone that you, Linda Xia, is my wife."

Robert Huo gently caressed Lisa Xia's head.

Lisa Xia instantly felt depressed upon hearing Linda Xia's name.

They wouldn't have stayed in Maldives for so long if Vincent Zhou's plastic surgery had gone well. It was supposed to be a one-month surgery, but something had gone wrong, so it had dragged on for three months.

Two days ago, the last part of the surgery had finally been completed. Vincent Zhou now looked exactly like Adam Huo.

If Lisa wasn't able to persuade Robert Huo to prolong their stay in Maldives and they came back home, he would find out that Adam Huo had disappeared, and she would get herself into trouble. She had to delay their return until Vincent Zhou was all done with the surgery.

"Robert, it is you whom I love, not your properties, nor your family background. You know that, right? So... can we keep our marriage just between us? I don't want to show off."

"Okay, I understand. Whatever you say then... I'll do anything for you. After we get married, I will hand over the family business to my brother, and we will move abroad. I will always be with you. You have my word."

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