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   Chapter 447 Never Give Up During Hard Times

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 5719

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Now, Linda was only worried that Emily would be demotivated and would take things too hard because she was still young and couldn't bear the pain caused by this sort of matter.

"Okay, Ms. Xia. I will go with you. I don't want to go back to that home anymore." Emily's tears rolled down her cheeks. She managed to stand up from the ground and hold Linda by the hand. Her instinct told her that she should go with Ms. Xia who would be kind to her and would not harm her.

Somehow, Emily felt relieved and pleased while staying with Linda. She believed that Linda would surely give her the best guidance and give her the hope to search for her bright future, enough to bring her confidence to pursue her dreams.

This morning, Emily might have jumped down from from the roof if Linda hadn't persuaded her not to by telling her how she could take charge of her own life.

At that time, Emily thought that she would only be able to free herself from the miserable situation she was in if she jumped off the building.

If Linda hadn't meddled in this matter, things might have been left unsettled. Emily's uncle and auntie would have just ignored the situation because they didn't want to stir up trouble. After all, Emily wasn't their daughter. She was just a niece who lived with them, depending on them for her basic necessities. They disliked her very much.

When she learned that Emily wanted to go with her, Linda smiled, and she helped Emily get back up on her feet. Then, Linda left the office with Emily. At about four o'clock, when school was about to be over, Linda asked Emily to pack up her things before they would go back home together. The Mu clan's villa was a massive estate, so it was easy

not of legal age to get married, yet. You will definitely meet a man who would love you and cherish you."

Linda noticed that Emily was insecure about herself and her future.

After hearing Linda, Emily nodded and then shook her head, with a look of shame and regret.

"Ms. Xia, I was so reckless. I shouldn't have had that silly idea of jumping off the building. I didn't mean to impose burden to the teachers and cause a mess in school."

"As long as you have realized your mistake, don't worry about it anymore. Just remember, no matter what kind of difficult situation you're in, you shouldn't choose to kill yourself because no problem gets solved with suicide."

Linda stretched her hand and lightly tapped Emily's head as she gave her a sermon.

Emily kept silent after she heard what Linda had said. Then, she responded, "I see."

"From now on, please be a good girl."

"Ms. Xia, what you had just said makes sense. Trust me. I will try my best to study hard and prepare for the college entrance examination. I will make sure to get high marks with all of my capabilities so that I could get into a good university."

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